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Sorry to Disappoint

Sorry to Disappoint

Sorry to disappoint the watchers. I will not comment on it, as much as you were hoping I would.

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oh, please, please talk about it.

I want to hear what you think of the Skilling case.

wait, what did you think i was talking about?

Actually humor aside, i say if you have nothing to say, you have nothing to say. you aren't required to have an opinion on everything.

I don't blame you.

In any event, I'm out of brain bleach so I've been avoiding those stories.

Never again will you get a chance to use the words "crazed sex poodle" in a post without readers jumping to the conclusion you're referring to a 1980s British punk rock group.

Missed opportunity.

What could you say that won't be said elsewhere, besides "no comment?"

Dijon-Gate II.

I either missed the Ray's Hell Burger lunch with Medvedev or didn't connect it to the prior Digon-Gate I mustard scandal. JammieWearingFool helped me connect the dots. My bad.

…and there's the rub.