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Palin Haters Killed and Field Dressed Liberal Feminism

Palin Haters Killed and Field Dressed Liberal Feminism

I would like to pronounce the left-wing mockery of Sarah Palin’s supposed breast enlargement surgery as the final nail in the coffin of liberal feminism.

But there are no nails left.

They all have been used in prior liberal misogyny directed at Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin killed and field dressed a moose; Palin haters did the same thing to liberal feminism.

Update: Cassy Fiano, Fascist feminism strikes again: victorious conservative women are “a blow to feminism”

and Greta, Breast Implants? Palin? Have you seen the feminists? Where are they?

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You won't get any arguments from me on this one. You are dead on correct.

The good news is… that in killing Liberal Feminism, they have created a vacuum into which a new brand of Feminism can flow:

That's the best thing they can come up with?

The Palin hater extraordinaire, Andrew Sullivan, will forever be obsessed with what went on in her uterus.

Whatever, she does have nice boobs!

Has anyone thought that Palin just might be pregnant again?

Nah, libs are almost as anti-pregnancy as they are anti-Palin, unless the woman in question is on welfare. Wouldn't have entered their minds.

She has been feeding an infant/toddler for a long time… Besides, don't they know about push-up bras?


She should strike back with a "Screw you! They're real. And they're spectacular!"

Palin's boobs look better in a fitted-T than a windbreaker! Film at 11!


This is the biggest opportunity for National Organization for Lesbian Liberal Women to speak truth to power since Bill Clinton was gaming 20-year-olds in the oral office. Of course, they were on vacation in the 1990s.

When Sarah Palin was nominated for VP I commented on a friend's blog in 2008, "Did you hear that noise? It was the sound of the Democrats Identity Politics Platinum HateCard getting eaten by their ATM.

"The number you have dialled, 'My Nuanced Protected Victim Class Status' is no longer in service and there is no new number."

There is a difference now: Sanctity of life, yes or no? It is all downhill after that question.

Dear God, please help us to climb out of the abyss of idiot judicial activists and politicians who think they can fool all of the people all of the time, Speaker Pelosi, Justice Kennedy, CA Supreme Court Justice George, Gray Davis.

I'm glad I wrote McCain that check!
Fri Aug 29, 02:54:00 PM PDT"

Sarah Palin represents the rejection of the relativism, the Pharisaical legalism and the hate of the Left. The Left see the their parasitic access to our lifeblood being closed off. As they say elsewhere on the web, "Pass the popcorn."

Yah it's pretty rotten. That's a great tit job and should not be the subject of mockery.

I'm waiting for Andrew Sullivan's next psychotic break on the subject of Sarah, and the breast-thing will drive him closer to terminal clinical nutjobbery. BTW, there are now bras which enlarge, uplift, and otherwise improve the appearance of young women in t-shirts—my 21-year old model daughter tells me. [She models for an agency, as well as being a great kid.]

Tina Brown's Feminazi coda to her failed career stateside suggests she should retire back to Blighty for rehab on both mental and physical fronts. The New Yorker staff still snicker at this tart's wanting to put lipstick on their pig!

She didn't have work done. It's a freakish camera shot. Here's a pic from that same day courtesy of Michelle Malkin –

I had a similar freakish picture taken when I was about 20. I still have it. You don't throw those things away. 🙂

Did anyone think that a nursing mother's breasts might be naturally enhanced? Unheard of, I know, but it lies within the realm of possibility.
Moreover, with all those 24/7 coverage of Palin, how she'd be able to get into a hospital for such surgery without a single telephone call from SEIU members to their dem operative friends, would be impossible.

They all just envy her… As for me, I envy her husband!