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Israel-Firsters Unite

Israel-Firsters Unite

I have not agreed with Charles Johnson on some things, but on the Gaza flotilla he has been spot on in recognizing the fundamental fraud of the flotilla participants and supporters:

  • Hamas Refuses Flotilla Aid: “Do we need any more evidence that the entire incident was a staged setup, designed to generate a propaganda victory for Hamas? But there will be people, no doubt, who look at this and applaud Hamas for taking a brave stand on principle — while blithely ignoring the fact that this gang of terrorists couldn’t possibly care less about building a productive society, or helping the people of Gaza.”
  • Israel’s Fiendish Plot: “Evidently, a lot of people out there really think there was a huge need for the supplies being brought to Gaza by the Turkish “peace activist” flotilla. People have even posted comments at LGF complaining about the evil Israelis, whose blockade has been starving women and children to death….Except, in the real Gaza, in this universe on planet Earth, women and children really are not “starving to death.” And one big reason why: the aid provided to the people of Gaza by Israel in the last two years.… Yep, those evil Israelis, committing genocide against the innocent Palestinians, through the unusual method of giving them large amounts of food, electricity, medical services, and other necessities. Diabolical.”

Does this make Charles Johnson an “Israel-Firster,” Mr. Greenwald?

Like the other 63% of Americans?

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