Rolling Stone magazine managed to bring down the commander of our forces in Afghanistan, disrupt the war effort, and embolden our enemies by disrupting the allied chain of command.

For what? The article did not expose any facts whatsoever. There were no war crimes revealed, no failure to follow orders exposed, no mutiny prevented.

The information in the article amounted to this:

  • When drunk, soldiers talk trash among people they trust.
  • When sober, soldiers talk trash among people they trust.
  • Soldiers never should trust reporters, ever.

That last point really is the lesson learned, and should infuriate real reporters who actually want to report on facts, rather than seeking inglorious fame.

Rolling Stone’s hatchet job damaged both the war effort and the relationship between reporters and the military.

I hope Rolling Stone is happy with the internet traffic, although it will not last. The war, however, goes on.

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