Turkey has repressed its large Kurdish minority, which seeks a nation of its own, and has threatened to invade Iraqi Kurdistan if it gained too much autonomy.

Turkey, in turn, has been subjected to attacks from Kurdish separatist groups, and has responded harshly. The attacks on Turkey pale in comparison to attacks against Israel. Unlike Israel, the survival of Turkey and Turks is not threatened.

The repression of the Kurds in Turkey, Syria, and under Saddam Hussein in Iraq, is one of the great injustices of the modern era. Arbitrarily drawn borders have split a people, who outnumber Palestinians several times over, among several countries.

Since Turkey now has thrust itself into the forefront of making sure Hamas can be resupplied by Iran from the sea, I presume Turkey will open its borders to shipments to Kurdish separatist groups, without inspecting those shipments for weapons.

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