This past week has seen the coming together of the growing Islamist-Leftist Coalition in the war against Israel.

Leftists who, among other things, claim to believe in freedom of speech, women’s rights and equality for gays, are in political bed with people who would cut their throats for blasphemy, revel in abhorrent misogyny, and execute gays.

The Leftists do not see the sick irony, and the Islamists are happy for the help from these Useful Idiots.

This Islamist-Leftist Coalition is emboldened as never before. People like Greta Berlin, who previously found it sufficient to shout down speakers on U.S. campuses, now find it possible with the help of the Islamists to mount large-scale provocative flotillas. The global Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement against Israel has left-wing academics and students as its foot soldiers, and left-wing bloggers fight the information war against Israel.

The Leftists may feel they are bringing needed supplies to Gaza, but the Islamists understand that the bigger game is to allow Iran inspection-free shipping of weapons to Hamas. No wonder the Iranians are eager to get involved in supporting the next flotilla.

It need not have to come to this.

While the currently fashionable argument is that that unyielding support for Israel is disloyal to the United States (“Israel-Firsters” in their words), in fact this unyielding support has kept the peace between Israel and its three major bordering nations by tamping down any hope that Israel could be destroyed.

This peace through the strength of the U.S.-Israel alliance was in the United States’ interest. By keeping nation states out of the fight against Israel we advanced our own interests.

While wars in the past years have been fought between Israel and proxy groups such as the PLO and Hezbollah in dysfunctional Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza, for the first time in almost 40 years we are facing the potential of a war between nations in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Is there anyone who would be surprised to see a regional war?

Except this time it will be more widespread, involving not just Arab countries such as Syria, but also Iran and possibly Turkey. It seems highly unlikely that Egypt and Jordan would join such fight at the outset, but if Israel were so badly damaged that it became vulnerable, would these countries honor their peace treaties, or deliver the coup de grâce?

Will Israel find itself in the same position in which it found itself in 1973, where its very existence depended upon the President of the United States ordering a military resupply?

Caroline Glick (h/t Israel Matzav) astutely observes the destabilizing effects of Obama’s foreign policy:

As for the US, in the year and a half since Obama took office he has fundamentally restructured US foreign policy in a manner that rewards US enemies at the expense of US allies….

Israel of course is the US’s most threatened ally. And Obama’s treatment of Israel has been uniquely shabby–and dangerous…. By seeking to appease Iran and Syria for their aggressive behavior and by courting an ever more radical Turkish regime, Obama has humiliated Egypt and Jordan that signed peace treaties with Israel. In so doing, he has convinced the Arabs that the only way to retain and expand their power is by attacking Israel.

Obama administration oratory and actions have rekindled hope for the destruction of Israel, and thereby unleashed the beast.

The damage done so far may not be irreparable, but we are on an incredibly destructive trajectory.

I really wonder whether Israel can survive a second Obama term.

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