An Iranian port in Gaza is the goal of those who want uninspected sea shipping to Gaza.

The “Freedom Flotilla” is a lie and a fraud. The Islamist government of Turkey, which has an ongoing rapprochement in progress with Iran, instigated the crisis, and a Turkish Islamist charity funded it, as The New York Times reported today.

Benjamin Netanhayu, the Prime Minister of Israel, laid it all out in a speech today:

“Hamas continues to arm. Iran continues to send weapons to Gaza. Iran’s rockets are intended to hit Israeli communities, not just in the vicinity of Gaza, but in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.”

“It is our right according to International law to prevent arms smuggling to Gaza and that is why the naval blockade was put in place. The flotilla intended to break the blockade, not to bring in emergency supplies which we allow to reach Gaza”

“If the blockade had been broken, hundreds of ships would have followed, with a scale of smuggling far greater than that possible in the tunnels. Two ships stopped in the last years -Francop and Karine-A – had hundreds of tons of weapons.”

“It is our duty to examine any ship going to Gaza – If we don’t do this, the result would be an Iranian port in Gaza, only a few dozen kilometers from Tel Aviv, which would also threaten other countries in the region. We offered to take the cargo to Ashdod and examine it, an offer which Egypt seconded. The flotilla leaders rejected this.”

“The takeover of five of the ships passed quietly. In the sixth ship, our soldiers encountered an extreme group that supports Hamas terror. This wasn’t the “love boat” this was a flotilla of terror supporters.”

It is time to take the blinders and gloves off, and to confront the frauds who support the destruction of Israel under the false banner of human rights and humanitarian efforts.

I have have called them Useful Idiots, but that was far too kind.

Video via The Right Scoop:

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