Alan Simpson, unlike Bob Etheridge, stayed and answered questions during a hostile ambush interview, and gave the questioner, Alex Lawson of Social Security Works (filming for Firedoglake’s “live stream“) an earful about the fallacies behind left-wing attacks on reforming Social Security and lowering the deficit.

Lawson asked loaded questions but didn’t want to hear the answers because the truth is that Social Security monies have been borrowed to fund big government programs which cannot be sustained.

Lawson may have thought he was ambushing Simpson, but by staying and verbally sparring with Lawson, Simpson obviously caught Lawson off guard. The hunter became the hunted.

But what does Firedoglake run as the headline and story line? That Simpson used the term “lesser people in society” in referring to the need to preserve Social Security.

Clearly Simpson meant people of lesser economic means, but rather than deal with the facts and reality, Firedoglake used that term as proof that Simpson views poor people as lesser human beings, and calls the commission the “Catfood Commission.” Here is part of the exchange:

ALAN SIMPSON: We’re really working on solvency… the key is solvency

ALEX LAWSON: What about adequacy? Are you focusing on adequacy as well?

SIMPSON: Where do you come up with all the crap you come up with?

SIMPSON: We’re trying to take care of the lesser people in society and do that in a way without getting into all the flash words you love dig up, like cutting Social Security, which is bullshit. We’re not cutting anything, we’re trying to make it solvent.

I have my own issues with this commission and how it likely will be used by Obama as an excuse to break (again) his promise not to raise taxes on anyone making under $250,000 per year.

But at least Simpson was honest enough to lay the cards on the table when asked, unlike the Democrats — particularly Harry “Havoc” Reid and Max “Near Chaos” Baucus — who refused to include funds for the “Doc Fix” in Obamacare so they could get favorable CBO scoring, and now are screaming about the failure to fund the Doc Fix.

Here is the video (h/t HotAir via Breitbart). Turn up the sound:


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