The left-wing blogosphere hates Elena Kagan. Really. The venom percolating up from the depths of the nutroots is getting pretty toxic.

For the most part, the right-wing blogosphere is sitting back and enjoying how people like Glenn Greenwald are tripping all over themselves to attack Kagan before right-wingers get a chance to do so:

Digby examines what a Kagan selection would reveal about Obama, and she particularly focuses on Kagan’s relationship to Goldman Sachs. That relationship is relatively minor, but it is illustrative in several ways and will certainly be used by Republicans to advance their attacks on this administration as being inextricably linked with Wall Street.

But by far the most noxious attack on Kagan is the charge that Kagan was not committed to diversity because she did not hire a single tenured or tenure-track minority law professor. I addressed this charge in my prior post, So Why Am I Already Defending Elena Kagan?

Wouldn’t a Kagan on the Court add to diversity? After all, we would get another female Justice and possibly the first gay Justice, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Shouldn’t that be enough to justify Kagan’s nomination in the estimation of those who attack Kagan’s diversity record at Harvard? Or by “diversity” do these people really mean liberal ideological purity by proxy of skin color? In which case Kagan may not fit.

Having Kagan on the Court also would mean we wouldn’t have to fill one of the Jewish Seats on the Court when Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires. Which also means we might get a Protestant on the Court the next time around. Another plus for diversity. (Sarcasm intended.)

And why compare Kagan to Harriet Miers? Kagan’s record hardly justifies such a comparison. Doesn’t this reflect an implicit sexism, similar to how Hillary Clinton was treated?

There is nothing in Kagan’s background to suggest that she will be anything other than a fairly reliable liberal on the Court.

Why all the hate from the left? True hostility, or simply bait so that Kagan will appear more moderate?

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