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Questions I Never Want My Children To Ask

Questions I Never Want My Children To Ask

Intergenerational warfare is breaking out in Greece as youth blame their elders for the economic mess, resulting from decades of welfare-state policies, that has left Greece bankrupt.

I wonder whether the questions being asked by the youth of Greece are the same questions our children and grandchildren will ask as we head further down the road of unprecedented national debt on a scale unimaginable two years ago as a result of Obama’s attempt to restructure society.

Via The Times of London (emphasis mine):

Anger has grown against the EU for insisting on tough austerity measures in return for a bailout worth an estimated €45 billion (£39 billion) this year alone, and up to €120 billion (£104 billion) over three years.

Some young Greeks prefer to blame their elders for the mountain of debt that has resulted in Greece, like a wayward child, being placed under the tutelage of the men from the IMF.

I cannot help but blame my parents a little for what’s happened,” said Achilles Zacharoulis, a 36-year-old cardiologist. “They were here all that time,” he added, referring to the past three decades of mismanagement and fiscal insanity. “But what did they do to stop it?”

Vaggelis Gettos, 24, is just as alarmed at the burden being heaped on the young by austerity measures expected to be announced today, and has pledged to resist them in more protests this week against what he sees as a plot to impoverish Greece.

“We will live much worse than our parents,” he said. “Why should we be made to pay for their mistakes?

The Tea Parties and voter discontent at the size of government are not driven by racism or fanaticism, as the mainstream media, left-wing bloggers and academics, and Democratic politicians contend.

Rather, those of us who oppose destructive Obama administration policies do so because we do not want our children and grandchildren to pay for our mistakes.

And we never want our children and grandchildren to ask: “But what did they do to stop it.”

Any politician who does not understand this motivation, and who belittles concerns about the growth of our own welfare state, does so at his or her political peril.

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At least I will be able to tell my children and grandchildren I fought the good fight. Of course, I'd rather tell them we won.

This only applies to those who have young kids. The Obama loving 18 to 29 year olds can blame themselves for making the mistake of their lives.

About a year ago I watched a series of Youtube vids, taped in the 1980s, of a former KGB guy who talked about how the soviets subverted the U.S. in the '60s. He goes into detail about how and why they targeted our society's opinion shapers, specifically mentioning Hollywood, the media, academics and college students. He said they believed that if they could win over that first generation of that segment of the populatin then within two generations the ideologic culture war would be lost.

Obama's mother was a lunatic far left nut who didn't conform to anything America stood for, and now he's president. How prophetic.

Thank you! Well said.

Case 1: Three armed men come to your door. They point to their guns and demand 50% of your income. You reluctantly agree, while planning resistance.

Case 2: Three armed men come to your door. They point to their guns and demand 50% of your income. They also present a letter explaining that much of the money is going to pay the "national debt" created at about the time you were born. You reluctantly agree, for the moment.

Does the letter matter? I think it would increase resistance, create denial of the morality of law, and produce rejection of a government which would try such a thing.


@Maggot: I saw the same videos, and they were very enlightening. Recently, I have met a child of one of the academic "plants" – her father was head of a school at VA Tech – so I know this is true. However, she is a great reason for hope. She rejected his teachings, and is fighting hard as a Tea Party patriot. I am sure she is not the only one who saw through the lies and foolishness, unlike The Won.

This country's direction can be reversed, but it all depends on the next election. I heard Mark Levin the other night saying that in all his years as a working Conservative (40 years he said), he has NEVER seen anything this bad. But, as he says, there is hope. We know our Constitution, our nation's history, and we are Americans – stand tall and FIGHT by working to elect Conservatives this November, and in 2012!

At least we are still having kids, but with the larger growth of government, it usually means the less number of kids people can afford. Europe seems to have this problem, and it isn't just questions of debt children will have, but what happened to their culture, institutions and identities. Remember when Brigit Bardo got into trouble for criticizing the growing Muslim population and what she saw it meaning for French life?

Thank you for your insiteful commentary. I have shared on Facebook. Also, to back up your claims, I am a mother of two young children and have never been politically active until now. I stood up and took notice with TARP and then when Obama stepped harder on the bailout gas I had to speak out. My husband and I took our children to the first tea party ever held in our state. We teach them every day what it really means to be American–the opposite of what Obama exemplifies–and that is accountability, responsibility, honesty, self-reliance, Constitutional civility (obeying and promoting constitutional laws), and the rewards of hard work.

Yo, Viciousss, not all of us young adults are on the liberal Kool-Aid. And some of us want to save our country.

Deekaman – Ditto. Someday,years from now, I want to tell my descendants that we won the battle for this country.