This attitude has upset some people:

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Christie must be doing something right if people already are trying to boycott him (via TaxProf):

Gov. Chris Christie will remain the speaker at Seton Hall University School of Law’s graduation ceremony later this month despite a push by some alumni and professors to rescind the invitation, school officials said today.

The law school faculty discussed canceling Christie’s speech to protest his recent decision to not reappoint Associate Justice John Wallace to the state Supreme Court, Seton Hall law school Dean Patrick Hobbs said.

Professors debated the idea during a faculty meeting at the Newark law school on Friday. But Hobbs ultimately decided to allow Christie — a Seton Hall law school alumnus — to speak at the May 28 ceremony.

He might have a shot at the presidency someday, as Allahpundit suggests, but why wait until 2016?

The country is in the mood for a President who will take a hatchet to the bloated bureaucracy and out-of-control spending. Right now, without apologies, and without backing down.

The only problem I see is the separation of church and state. How crazy will they go at the prospect of Christopher Christie in the White House?

Really want to see heads explode (not that that should be a reason to do something, but it sure would give me endless blog material):

“Palin-Christie 2012”

Update: Was I merely ” liberal-goading“? Maybe. Maybe not. More material for your next post, or maybe someone’s college thesis.

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