and American Jews have not done a good job at forcing Israelis to create the Middle Eastern version of the Upper West Side, or something like that, from Peter Beinart and the usual suspects.

You know what, they really don’t care what you think. And they will not change no matter what American Jews do. You figure out who “they” is.

Essays like yours, and those of the Medias Matters crowd, simply are viewed as small victories for those who seek the destruction of Israel.

Maybe what you call a failure of liberalism is a reality check. From people who have to live in the neighborhood.

But I do agree that we have failed to impart the younger generation with an understanding of the issues, as part of a greater failure of education on many different issues.

More at Israel Matzav, Maggie’s Farm, and The Other McCain, who asks this Exit Question:

Is it possible that the “anti-Arab racism” among young Israelis might have something to do with, y’know, Arabs blowing up young Israelis? Or is it “racist” even to ask that kind of question?

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