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Democrats’ Worst Fear Is About To Come True

Democrats’ Worst Fear Is About To Come True

The core of Democratic Party political strategy is falling apart. As reported by The New York Times, Black Hopefuls Pick This Year in G.O.P. Races:

Among the many reverberations of President Obama’s election, here is one he probably never anticipated: at least 32 African-Americans are running for Congress this year as Republicans, the biggest surge since Reconstruction, according to party officials.

And these candidates are seeking and getting Tea Party support:

The black candidates interviewed overwhelmingly called the racist narrative a news media fiction. “I have been to these rallies, and there are hot dogs and banjos,” Colonel [Alan] West, the candidate in Florida, said. “There is no violence or racism there.”

The narrative of Tea Party racism has been a contrived political tactic from the start, launched and perpetuated by Democratic Party operatives and their mouthpieces in the media and left-wing blogosphere.

Their worst fear is that the race card will fail, and they will have to defend their ruinous policies.

And that worst fear is about to be realized. In November.

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There are several Black men – and women, too – who are running as Conservative Republicans! Sarah Palin (and Hillary?) seems to have had an impact, in that respect, as well! All of which show that there are good leaders out there, they just needed to be inspired to run, to take on the challenge of making our nation better. Perhaps that is one good thing to come of this debacle called the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda.

Someone else hypothesized that the election of the first black president means that Americans are now onto the next new thing. It's a been there, done that, mentality among the public.

If so, and it had the effect of stripping race from the issues, it will have been a good thing. It's just not working out as Obama and his supporters thought, where they would be the ones winning over support for their ideas.

This is the inevitable result of our seemingly unavoidable desire to occasionally turn the reins over to the Loony Left. It's sort of like we get tired as parents and let the kids use the car, only to be forcibly reminded why we don't when we have to bail them out of jail.

I'm not trying to minimize the potential damage; it's just that unless the elitists (Liberals, anti-Americans, globalists, whatever you want to call them) manage to entirely overturn the voting system we only let them hang around for one term. Can they do a lot of damage in four years? Sure, but nothing we don't deserve for giving the them the keys.

Maybe one day we'll learn to trust our instincts and let them ride their bikes to the prom. After all, it's more environmentally friendly!

Finally, some good news.

How I love irony.

It never fails to amaze how ignorant people feel the need to categorize everyone. It's as if due to skin color or religion you are destined to vote one way or the other. Heaven forbid that people in the US are educated and make individual decisions about their lives. But wait, that's not the socialist way is it-individuality is scorned and everything is for the greater good-meaning the state. So of course, the left is confused by truly intelligent, independent persons who think for themselves. Liberty to them is a terriblely frightening concept.

I keep reading about how socialistic this country is. I have been to somesocialist countries….please….Remember, Palin was beaten by over 8 million votes, where do the repubs think these people votes are going to…Palin?

Nice that there are some black folks running as repubs but the message is in the music, which your readers will not understand, (or who wrote the song) which is why these repubs will lose.

Banjos! We all know what that's code for– minstrel shows. I read it in Frank Rich tomorrow!

BuckJohnson, no one is talking about Palin. Could you put aside your obsession for a moment and stick to the topic?

Hey William, I had to go look up "Reconstruction era" to get your point. I'd be surprised if most people knew when that period was.

If there were a Col. West running in every district in the US, I'd be thrilled to see an all African American House.

Good Lieutenant | May 5, 2010 at 8:35 am

Um, Buck. Palin wasn't running for President. McCain was. And she's not running for anything in November.

You have to get over your unhealthy obsession with Sarah Palin – it's clouding your judgment.

Lazarus Long | May 5, 2010 at 8:39 am

Nice name "Buck"


And Governort Palin wasn't the Presidential nominee.

You're reactionary leftist OCD is showing.

Buck, Palin wasn't beaten by over 8 million votes. McCain was beaten by 8 million votes, Palin was the only reason the vote was as close as it was.

A good number of conservatives/Republicans stayed home on election day figuring McCain wasn't any better than Obama. So we have them to thank, along with the he-black-like-me/white guilt voters, for the looming catastrophe.

All that being said, with things the way they were before the election, why didn't Teh Won win by a larger percentage??

Let's see, which party still has a Klansman in Congress?

Which party filibustered civil rights legislation?

Why, it's the Copperheads! From plantation to collective, slavery's best friends!

Buck, the country isn't socialist — yet.

However, the Democrat Party certainly is, and they are doing everything they can to make the government more socialistic every day.

If you don't understand the distinction then maybe you should try singing in a different choir.

It's a good sign, let's hope it continues. I'm also hoping that at some point the gay community will also come to realize that a fiscally conservative agenda is the best choice for their essentially bright and wealthy population.

Palin? I believe it was McCain, the RINO, Bambi ran against. You won't be so lucky this time.

Well, THAT'S gonna really mess up the old racism narrative, isn't it?

Ah, the message in the music. We don't even know who wrote it. We so deaf. We so dumb. We so lose.

How many years can a mountain exist,
before it is washed to the sea?
How many years can some people exist,
before they're allowed to be free?
And how many times can a man turn his head,
and pretend that he just doesn't see?

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind,
the answer is blowing in the wind.

We'll see which way the music plays this time now that people are really beginning to see.

Thanks Buck. You're right on top of things. Palin? Indeed.

TO: William A. Jacobson, et al.
RE: Or….

Their [Democrats] worst fear is that the race card will fail, and they will have to defend their ruinous policies. — William A. Jacobson

….as was suggested by Father Alito in Shogun, "We'll have to do something 'unexpected'."


[If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience! — George Bernard Shaw]

Palin wasn't beaten by over 8 million votes, McCain was. He would have lost by more if her presence on the ticket hadn't persuaded some conservatives to reluctantly go to the polls. Voters were too busy punishing RINOs — I refer to GWB and Juan McCain –in that election to think through the consequences. Now they are understood and the correction begins in November.

Presidential and Congressional politics will follow the Star Trek rule. Barry = DS9's Sisko. Next comes Janeway- in this case, Palin. Then comes the end of time, judgment day, and whatever the presidential equivalent of Enterprise would be. Something unholy.

What the Dems and the MSM do not get(or refuse to admit) is that I and most other Tea Partyers or what have you want a PERSON. Not a hyphenated symbol of symbol of PC thought overruling reality. Your physical characteristics are of no consequence. It is what churns out of your skull that matters. Hmmm where have we heard something like this before?

TO: jwaller96
RE: True Enough

I voted for Palin, hoping for a quick 'promotion' to the Oval Office.


[The people are the rightful rulers of Congress and the courts. — Abraham Lincoln]

Ugh, do we Americans really fail to understand our electoral system so much? Neither Palin nor McCain was defeated by 8 million votes, since the popular votes doesn't select the president. Only the electoral college vote matters in that election, and the electoral college is NOT bound to support the decision of the popular vote.

Worse, if neither managed to get the necessary minimum of electoral votes, the House of Reps would have selected our president, regardless of anything but their own political whims and "judgment".

Two points.

Firstly, to expect blacks to vote Republican is wildly overoptimistic. Democrats always were racist and opposed the Civil Rights movement, and yet blacks always vote Dems. Same goes to Democrat antisemitism and Jews. What changed?

Secondly, who the heck cares? The goal is not to bring GOP back in power. The goal is to purge liberal apparatchiks and RINOs. If those black candidates are good republicans, fine. If they are black liberals who sensed an opportunity, not so fine. Skin color does not even matter, but the racists journalists can't help focusing on it.

Watch this video of GOP Candidate – Ryan Frazier of Colorado. Hear his words.

Now tell me that his color matters even one bit! Its the character of the man, not the color, that will carry this election.

Ryan Frazier is going up against a bought and paid-for big government liberal, 97% pelosi-voting Union hack named Ed Perlmutter.

He needs your support.

"This is the inevitable result of our seemingly unavoidable desire to occasionally turn the reins over to the Loony Left. It's sort of like we get tired as parents and let the kids use the car, only to be forcibly reminded why we don't when we have to bail them out of jail."

I think every generation has to elect a Carter, so that those capable of learning from experience will do so.

I'd buy this argument, if I thought any of these black conservatives would receive any journalistic coverage. I expect them to be covered — if at all — in editorial/blogs, painted as Uncle Toms, race traitors, seriously bent, if they are covered at all. If that doesn't work, it's back to pubes in coca-cola.

It's not the color of Obama's skin that bothers me, its the thinness.

November cannot get here soon enough from my perspective.

My favorite part: Pretty much all of them say they are inspired by Obama's victory in 2008. Think about that for a minute. The media loves writing puff pieces on Obama every chance they get. It would make for a real good article showing how all of these Republicans are running due to Obama providing the inspiration. But, since they are Republicans, that trumps all, so the stories will never be written.

It is big news that the republicans are fielding 32 black candidates. I believe that's the largest number of black candidates ever fielded by republicans in a midterm election cycle. I hope they are more competent than Micael Steele. Now there was a choice based on competence and skill, not race. Anyway, Obama won the presidential race by historical margins because voters agreed with his approach to governing, not because of his race. That's the nightmare scenario for republicans. They don't have candidates who have serious solutions to the problems we're facing ( aside from their very serious concerns about birth certificates and how many pages are in a bill) Expect to hear more about scrapping and starting over, ramming it down our throats, taxes and death panels. Do not expect to hear serious solutions to the problems of illegal immegration, finacial regulation or energy policy.

I have been saying for the longest time that we are rapidly reaching the point where the very large very religious conservative black community realizes that they have alot more in common with the very religious conservative white community than they do with a bunch of liberals in Cape Cod or San Francisco. When that happens, the Democrats are going to be absolutely decimated.

"Democrats always were racist and opposed the Civil Rights movement, and yet blacks always vote Dems. Same goes to Democrat antisemitism and Jews. What changed?"

Among other things, the trickling beginnings of integration in evangelical churches and having a now middle class middle aged body of successful black professionals with no memory of the civil rights era and the dawning realization that most of their conservative neighbors aren't the closet KKK they've been broadly painted as in the media.

Yes, but as we all know, if these 32 black candidates are not running as democrats, then they aren't really black.

As long as they are fiscally responsible advocates of the Constitution, let's rock-n-roll!

"The message is in the music, which your readers will never understand…"

Yes, I'm afraid I don't understand. I don't understand why, if a good education is one of the keys to success in society, did the Obama administration shut down the successful D.C. school vouchers program? I don't understand why Obama would continue to have a 90% approval rating from blacks w/o any real criticism when the black unemployment rate among some age groups is at Depression-levels. I don't understand why, if there is all the this pervasive "institutional racism" out there, then how are so many Asians, other ethnic groups, and foreigners among the most succesful, highest paid people in America?

You think that conservatives view you as "lesser" than everybody else in society, when in fact the opposite is true. Conservatives believe it's unfortunate how much human potential for blacks and other minority groups is being wasted for nothing. (True, old white guy Repubs have done a pretty poor job of communicating this message- which is why I hope every single one of the 32 candidates wins in Nov.!). Liberals, on the other hand, view you as being inherently inferior– and only those who believe deep down that they are inferior need somebody else (i.e., Big Gov) to do things for them. Sorry to be so blunt, but we're supposedly in the "post-racial" era, so we need to express what we really feel.

It's nice that the New York Times is belatedly admitting what we already knew (the Tea Parties are far less racist and violent than the Democratic Party's paid union supporters), but they utterly miss the point. It is a person's beliefs and convictions that matter – not the color of his or her skin.

I would also argue one point that ザイツェヴ makes. I don't want 'good Republicans', I want responsible leaders who understand what their constituents want and do their best to fulfill those wishes while taking into account the good of the country. If the Republican Party returns to its fiscally responsible roots, well and good. if not, then maybe we do something else.

It's nice that the New York Times is finally admitting that their depiction of the Tea Partiers was and is wildly inaccurate. However, they miss the point. A person's beliefs and convictions are far more important than his or her skin color. Pity so many blacks refuse to look at the facts. As other commenters have said, it was the Democrats who were the party of the KKK.

I would also like to differ with the estimable ザイツェヴ on one small point. The goal is to elect good conservatives (fiscally responsible and proud of their nation – two areas where Obama and most other Democrats fall short). If the Republican Party can rediscover its roots of fiscal conservation and a robust national defense (including border security), well and good. Otherwise, as the admirable Mr. Spock says, 'Captain, there are always alternatives'.

The reason blacks are stepping up to the plate to run as Conservatives is that after 60 years of Progressive Liberalism, their neighborhoods, lives, and families are in tatters. It's time for a change and they know Conservatives will help to get the government out of the way.
Another reason is that after getting 94% of the black vote and winning big on Hope and Change, 17 months later we're looking at record deficits, record unemployment, record bank failures, record spending, record foreclosures, a failing dollar, foreign policy disasters, a health care bill that has little to do with health care, massive tax increases, massive expansion of government, two wars which have spread now to Pakistan and Waziristan, Iran closer to getting the bomb with nothing done, record number of troop deaths in Afghanistan, a handful of terrorist incidents on US Soil, a bumbling gaffe-prone vice president, a stimulus plan that did absolutely nothing, unappointed and unelected czars with all kinds of power, Gitmo still open, secret wiretaps still on, executive order used to assassinate undesirables overseas, a Progressive Liberal Congress and Senate with approval ratings in the single digits, government takeover of the auto, student loan, health care, and banking industries, and wild weekly parties at the White House while the rest of us are broke, unemployed, or on the battlefield.

Yes, Democrats were the party of slavery and the party of the KKK. And in that era, blacks voted Republican. But Republicans dropped the ball. During the Jim Crow Era, Republicans did nothing to challenge the Dixiecrat regime. Even the most dominant Republican Presidents, such as Teddy Roosevelt and Coolidge, never moved to fight lynching or black disfranchisement in the South. Nor did Republicans oppose the racial barriers that existed in the North.

FDR won over many blacks with his social programs; and then liberal Democrats led the charge for civil rights – supported by most Republicans and opposed by Southern Democrats, but Democrats such as Truman, Humphrey, and Johnson were the key figures.

The Republican "Southern Strategy" of low-profiling support for civil rights was a great success. Though Nixon, Ford, and Reagan enforced the civil-rights laws as much as Democrats, they let Democrats have the credit, and it was this "wedge issue" which ended reflexive white Southern Democratic voting. When this unnatural monopoly broke down, Republicans became dominant in the conservative South.

Unfortunately, it allowed Democrats to establish an equally unnatural reflexive loyalty among blacks, and peddle the myth that Republicans are (or ever were) opposed to civil rights for blacks.

There are signs of this breaking down… and this wave of black candidates is one of them. But Republicans have to do much more to gain ground – and not by pandering.

The Democrats are about to run out of money
for Welfare payments, and their other bribes
to the Blacks; Huge opportunity for the Repubs.

Did you know that the vast majority of welfare recipients are white? I didn't think so. Why is welfare a bribe for the democratic party? I keep forgetting that all republicans are opposed to any spending for the social good of the country. And you wonder why your minority outreach and re-branding efforts aren't working…..

A link is on the way!