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Completely Vague and Meaningless Headline

Completely Vague and Meaningless Headline

Ex-Harvard student accused of living a lie

Tells us nothing. Could be so many (in)famous people.

Name names.

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They missed the s. It should read "Ex-Harvard students accused of living a lie", thus implicating (deservedly) all Ex-Harvard students.

"…Wheeler won two Harvard writing prizes using a submission plagiarized nearly word for word from a dissertation by a Cornell University graduate student…"

LOL. Apparently at Harvard they love the Cornell stuff.

They don't want the Haaaaahvard guys too upset; softballs, tossed gently.

Is there a more significant "living a lie" guy than the current POTUS?

Just like Elena Kagan.

how come it is so easy to fool the Harvard officials? It seems like this poor white guy was unlucky enough to get caught, whilst another person who is well known for even plaigerizing in the Illinois Senate gets away with never producing one written document!!!!