Another rich person is building a house bigger than mine, right on the beach in my hometown, unlike my humble abode a few blocks in.

Terribly unfair. The owners obviously did not know that they had made enough money two blocks from the beach.
Can’t we redistribute the waterfront lot to me? And throw in the house for spite? And give me a bailout to help pay the ginormous property taxes on beachfront property (my guess, 50k a year for this gem).
You know who else is really angry at this unfairness?
All the guys who own all the pickup trucks in the front yard, who are helping build the house. And all the factory workers who helped manufacture the products in the house. And the truckers who transported the stuff. And all the landscapers who will keep the place neat. And all the town employees whose salaries will be subsidized by the property taxes.
They would rather be on unemployment than let this rich person live in this big, unfair house.
Because fairness is the only thing which will get our economy started again and get people back to work.