On March 11, I reported on a proposal by a New York State Democratic legislator to ban salt in restaurants, Leave Our Salt Alone.

One political scientist, who also totally missed the Scott Brown election call, vehemently objected that the claim the government would regulate salt was a totally wingnut conspiracy theory:

But don’t kid yourself: the fact that one assemblyman proposed an idiotic law that has as much chance of passing as Rush Limbaugh has of being the Green Party’s candidate for president in 2012 means that the federal government is about to ban salt. It’s a very slippery slope!,

Uh, we have slipped and sloped:

The Food and Drug Administration is planning an unprecedented effort to gradually reduce the salt consumed each day by Americans, saying that less sodium in everything from soup to nuts would prevent thousands of deaths from hypertension and heart disease. The initiative, to be launched this year, would eventually lead to the first legal limits on the amount of salt allowed in food products.

Just how will this help?

Will the law also prohibit people from adding salt to their under-salted processed foods? Can the salt police be far behind?

Would that be too much of a slippery slope too?

Of course, by hiring salt police we also would create jobs! Finally, the Obama administration has a jobs plan.

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