Many of the criticisms of Michael Steele have been unjustified.

The hoopla over $2,000 spent by an RNC staffer at a “sex-themed” club without Steele’s knowledge or permission, may have made interesting headlines, but it was not probative of Steele’s Chairmanship of the RNC.

Today, however, Steele went to a place he should not have gone, the use of race to defend himself against the onslaught of attacks on the RNC by inside-the-beltway conservatives.

In response to a question as to whether he had “thinner margins of error” because of his race, Steele said that yes, just like Obama, he did have such thinner margins. Granted, Steele did not raise the issue and was responding to a question in which the “thinner margins” terminology was used, but Steele adopted the language by answering in the affirmative.

Such comments do infinitely more damage than any excessive spending ever could do. Suggesting racial motivations in others merely because they disagree with you has become the dominant theme of the attacks on opponents of Obamacare.

By using the race card himself, Steele has given indirect aid and comfort to those behind the smears of the Tea Party movement.

Think Progress, one of the worst offenders, is giddy over Steele’s comment. This is just the distraction for which they were hoping.

Steele needs to man up, argue on the merits, and stop whining. But most of all, stop with the race card crap; that’s the Democrats’ game.

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