The jobs numbers released yesterday were nothing to cheer. Strip out the temporary hiring of Census workers, and a weather-related adjustment from February, and there was almost no net job growth.

As the stagnant 9.7% overall jobless rate reflected, there was no meaningful job improvement.

But you would not know it from reading the headlines. As during the campaign, the mainstream media echo-chamber fell all over the facts in the hopes of spinning things Obama’s way:

The negative facts, well those were buried deep in the articles. It took the NY Times several paragraphs of fawning cheerleading to get to the bad news:

The March report may have been inflated, though, by a rebound from February when many people could not work because of snowstorms. Additionally, nearly a third of the hiring in March was temporary work on the 2010 census.

Well, you don’t say. In other words, the spin about the good news was based on the same gimmicks as the Stimulus Plan and health care bill. Spin upon spin by the permanent Obama campaign and its media servants.

Think Republicans have a good chance of taking back the House, and getting close in the Senate?

Remember that Republicans are running not just against Democrats, but against the mainstream media, thrill running up its leg and all.

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