Definitely a day of F.O.M.S. (fear of missing something). I couldn’t hit the blog during the day today because of meetings, and while I was away, the whole world freaked out.

Resignations, arguments, threats, more resignations, and then some:

  • Obama debated Sarah Palin on nuclear weapons strategy, which is the sum of all left-wing fears, and worse yet, it was triggered by a question from the MSM. CAT FIGHT!
  • Speaking of Palin, a HuffPo blogger lamented that left-wing women are wimps (she said it, not me) in comparison to She who has tunneled into their minds so deeply they are pulling their hair out trying to get at Her.
  • Dawn Johnsen resigned from the DOJ position she never had.
  • John Paul Stevens will retire from the position he has held on the Supreme Court since we had 48 states, leaving liberals with a no win confirmation fight; best they can do is get another JPS.
  • Bart Stupak will retire from the House, after Nancy Pelosi called his bluff and he folded like a wet noodle (I know, mixed metaphor), leading to the best acronym ever, DLTDHYOTWO.
  • Alan “You Want People To Die” Grayson crashed a Republican event, exposing his paranoia by claiming the Republicans were following HIM (or something like that), and confirmed why he never should be allowed in the same city as the nuclear football.
  • Nate Silver, the perpetual Democratic hopester-pollster says it will be bad, really bad, do not even get out of bed bad for Democrats in November.
  • LGF announced that the world would end due to too many people downing “a six-pack of White Castle bacon cheeseburgers and a sack of onion chips with three bottles of Guinness Stout.”
  • A New Jersey teachers’ union prayed for Gov. Chris Christie’s death. But I thought prayer was not allowed in school?

See you tomorrow.

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