Marc Ambinder is the politics editor of The Atlantic. He has covered Washington for ABC News and the Hotline, and he is chief political consultant to CBS News.”

Given Ambinder’s shoulder-deep mainstream media plumage, I was shocked to read that Ambinder thinks conservatives have gone mad.

Much as I contemplated giving you a flavor of Ambinder’s post through some selective quotations, selective quotation cannot do it justice.

Ambinder’s post is a full out concern troll attack. As if Ambinder really, really wanted to take Republicans “seriously” but just couldn’t seem to do so. And he even quoted a couple of conservative critics of conservatives to prove his good intentions.

Ambinder lives is a fantasy world where left-wing commentators (including Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow) are serious policy wonks, while all conservative commentators are “entertainers shouting slogans;” where hyperbole is the exclusive refuge of the right-wing; where the vile language and defamation hurled at George Bush for eight years never existed; where the equally vile attempts by Democratic leaders to equate health care protesters to terrorists never happened.

Every day Democratic politicians and left-wing bloggers hurl epithets like “teabagger” and “racist” and “extremist” at political opponents, yet none of that exists in Ambinder’s precious little world.

Ambinder cannot seem to understand that being mad is not the same thing as madness. The true madness is the direction in which the Obama administration is taking this country.

The deceptive and destructive policies of this administration have been picked apart by people who do not live in Ambinder’s world, and do not watch CBS News.

And if Ambinder were honest with himself, he would admit that the loss of control over the news cycle and the debate is what bothers him most. Hence the gratuitous statements in Ambinder’s post about Fox News and the “conservative echo-chamber.”

The loss of relevance must be a frustrating thing. It can drive some people mad.

Update: Sissy Willis caught the big fish in her Twitter net.

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