The reaction to Obama’s announcement that he is opening up some offshore areas to drilling is laughable. There will be no drilling anytime soon, and the plan closes more areas to drilling than it opens.

This likely is Obama’s attempt to tack to the center as the health care bill continues to stir disquiet among the masses of unwashed and unknowing knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.

Yet Obama did break a liberal intellectual and political barrier by even using the words “drill” and “offshore” in the same paragraph (for which I give him credit).

Hence the overheated reaction by the people for whom the thought of offshore drilling is as scary as an 80-year old grandmother at a Tea Party rally carrying a “Kill the Bill” sign:

  • ““Its like a kick in the face” says Jonathan Ruiz of Florida International University. Jonathan campaigned for Obama for fourteen months, and now he’s livid about today’s announcement by the administration to open half the east coast to offshore drilling.”
  • This is a foolish move, both substantively and politically. Obama is either an exceptionally bad negotiator, or he actually believes in some truly awful policy ideas. Neither of these possibilities bodes well for environmental policy.”
  • we must agree. just when the base has felt like dems can actually get their agenda on the road, obama has handed the repubbbs a give-away.”

Chill, babies, chill. Nothing is happening anytime soon.

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