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Bring Back McClatchy Watch

Bring Back McClatchy Watch

McClatchy reporter William Douglas was instrumental in spreading the claim that protesters at the Capitol shouted racial epithets at Congressmen.

As Jack Cashill at American Thinker documents, Douglas either was a speed writer of epic proportions, or Douglas pre-wrote much of the article in advance. You be the judge. I am completely neutral on the subject (heh).

None of this would have happened if McClatchy Watch still was active. Day in, day out inspection of McClatchy newspapers might, just might, have deterred the pre-writing of articles.

McClatchy Watch on Twitter just doesn’t do it.

Bring back McClatchy Watch. We need it now more than ever.

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Even if a handful of knuckleheads did do the things they're accused of doing, the idea that the Right, in general, or in mass, owes an apology or an explanation to the Leftists who spent eight years doing far worse than anything anybody on the Right has done, and in some cases worse than anything they're accused of doing, is to me beyond the pale.

I'll play along, just because otherwise there are some unfortunately deluded souls among the independents and the mushy middle who might actually be misled by this obviously blatant manipulation.

It sure does leave a bad taste though to have to feel as though I should be on the defensive, after eight years of window smashing, rock throwing, car burning, 9/11 truther delusions, Bush assassination threats (and scripted dramas), flag burning, America hating, terrorist apologizing, and all the other antics the Left has pulled over the last ten years and beyond.

Our response should be, if a handful of people on the right did do those things, that's too bad, but its not going to change our minds, or when the time comes, our votes.

The really sad thing is that somebody has to confer with their boss about using "the N word", not as a pejorative mind you, but for a report about somebody allegedly using "the N word". That has got to be one of the top ten examples of political correctness.

God, I hate these f*****g "people".