AOL News followed the March 13 Coffee Parties, and here is what it found:

AOL News had correspondents at four of the gatherings — in Bethalto, Ill. (a village near the Missouri border), the college town of Corvallis, Ore., Omaha, Neb., and Orlando, Fla. Their reports — though obviously not a scientific sampling — provide a composite portrait of the Coffee Party’s early recruits….

Attendance: From a low of eight in Corvallis, Ore., to a high of 41 in Orlando.

Average Age: 48.45

Gender and Racial Breakdown: The crowds at the four events our correspondents attended were predominately white and roughly 60 percent male.

Look at the photos of the coffee parties, notice something (mostly) missing?

Does this reflect racial hostility? Absolutely not.

Why isn’t MSNBC going crazy over the “white” crowds. Why isn’t blogger SEK counting non-white faces?

Because the race card only works in one direction.

Update: Maybe the silence is because progressive bloggers have the same problem, just younger.

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