Take your pick of the name to call the apparent Democratic Party plan to pass the Senate health care bill by not voting on it.

Democrats plan to use a procedure where a separate reconciliation bill, which would be subject to a vote, would contain language “deeming” the Senate bill passed.

Call it the Slaughter Solution (after the Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, D-NY) or the Self-Executing rule.

Either way, the use of such a procedural device on a bill this sweeping will call into question the legitimacy of the legislation (both constitutionally and politically).

David Axelrod challenged Republicans to “make my day” by running against the health care bill in the November elections.

We will not have to make Axelrod’s day, because Democrats will have slaughtered themselves through self-execution.

Update: Many commenters are wondering about the constitutionality of the “Slaughter Solution.” This Politico article has a good, plain-English explanation with quotations from law professors.

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