The connection between health insurance and death rates is, at best, tenuous.

Ruth Marcus, in The Washington Post, pointed out yesterday that studies are not in agreement on the subject, leading Marcus to conclude as to Obamacare: “Gee, I hope this works out.”

But that has not stopped Democrats, from party leaders to sycophantic columnists and bloggers, from throwing around phony and contrived numbers of “deaths” occurring due to lack of Obamacare.

Every day the supporters of Obamacare spew their blood libel.

One of the people making that false connection was Ezra Klein, also at The Washington Post, who now is upset about “fear-mongering” on the right. In a throw-away line in his post, Klein kinda, sorta, almost apologizes for accusing opponents of a public option of being killers:

Few of us are on a mountain with this stuff, of course. Many condemned me for saying that Joe Lieberman was willing to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands to settle an old grudge with liberals when he threatened to blow up the bill if the Medicare buy-in wasn’t removed. I’ll stand by the math of the comment, and the analysis of Lieberman’s motivations, but I certainly wish I had phrased it somewhat more delicately. The word “cause” was ill-advised.

“Ill-advised”? That’s it, after you accused Joe Lieberman of being a mass murderer, and your compatriots accuse us of being mass murderers? Isn’t that the worst kind of fear-mongering? Isn’t that the Democratic Party?

Apology not accepted. See you in November.

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