The Democrats have the votes to use budget reconciliation not only to pass Obama’s health care proposal as outlined just prior to the health care summit, but also possibly to add in a public option – or so the messengers would have you believe.

There is a consistent spin being put out by Democrats since the summit to create the illusion of inevitability to the budget reconciliation process being used to pass non-budgetary legislation.

Don’t believe it, or not believe it.

No one really knows if the votes are there, and if so, how the Senate Parliamentarian will rule on such procedural issues. And even then, there are legislative tactics which may be used either to kill the process or to make it even more damaging for Democrats.

The messengers simply are trying to demoralize the opposition, and to give a backbone to those Democrats who are wavering. It’s all spin.

Keep focused on killing the worst piece of legislation “since the Great Depression.”

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