Clever Democratic tactic.

Leak the supposedly positive, but contrived, aspects of the latest CBO report to favored bloggers, so that the news cycle is favorable: CBO Score On Health Care Bill Released: Boosts Democrats’ Hopes Of Passing Reform, even though the report is not actually available as of this writing (emphasis mine):

Comprehensive health care reform will cost the federal government $940 billion over a ten-year period, but will increase revenue and cut other costs by a greater amount, leading to a reduction of $130 billion in the federal deficit over the same period, according to an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office, a Democratic source tells HuffPost. It will cut the deficit by $1.2 trillion over the next ten years.

Hard for me to criticize the headline when the actual report is not yet posted at the CBO website, so I can’t point out the phony assumptions CBO was forced to follow in their calculations.

Just another sign that this CBO score will be like the others, a contrived end result where it is critical to dig into the details to get the real story.

More evidence of the corrupt nature of this process.

Update 10:54 a.m. – CBO report still not posted on its website, yet the spinning is going full steam ahead.

Update 11:02 a.m. – Are we dealing with outright f-ing liars? (I know, rhetorical question.) Via HotAir, CBO apparently is denying it has completed its official cost estimate.

Update 11:30 a.m. – The report apparently has been released, but the CBO website is jammed. HotAir has it and quotes the usual “we really don’t know what these numbers mean but we’ll guesstimate them anyway” language (not a quote, my synopsis).

Here is a link to the report. Here’s my review, Inconvenient Words In CBO Report

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