The FBI has indicted Norman LeBoon Sr. of Philadelphia on charges of threatening Congressman Eric Cantor. LeBoon appears to be motivated by anti-Israeli sentiment, and a general paranoia reflected in anti-government rants.

Here is a video “Norman LeBoon Sr” made attacking Israel’s conduct in Gaza:

Israel Starving Babies with BlockadeThe best video clips are here

LeBoon was a known anti-Israeli agitator, and was proud of the fact that he had been noticed as such (note, this guy is crazed, so don’t take anything he says about his following as truth):

Israel’s Enemy or Friend? Norman LeBoon Sr. The Future is Coming!Watch more funny videos here

“Norman LeBoon” also was a plaintiff in a case against Verizon alleging illegal cooperation with the government in surveillance:

Upon reading an article in USA Today alleging government spying on American communications, Philadelphia resident Norman LeBoon wondered if communications on his Verizon land line were being shared with the government. After a string of e-mails, LeBoon says he finally reached “Ellen” in customer service, who had this to say: “I can tell you, Mr. LeBoon, that your records have been shared with the government, but that’s between you and me. … They [Verizon] are going to deny it because of national security. The government is denying it and we have to deny it, too. Around here we are saying that Verizon has ‘plausible deniability.’ ”

LeBoon is part of a class-action suit against the major telecommunications companies brought by lawyers Bruce Afran and Carl Mayer. Their case is remarkable not only in that it references such blatant admissions by Verizon employees, but also because the two lawyers claim to have evidence that AT&T; was approached by the National Security Agency before 9/11 as part of the aforementioned Project Groundbreaker, which gave the government access to an unprecedented amount of the personal data of American citizens.

Update: Leboon was an Obama campaign contributer, but it does not matter.

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