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A Pathetic, Beaten Man

A Pathetic, Beaten Man

Dennis Kucinich at his press conference today announced he will vote “Yes” on health care legislation he detests and has criticized regularly for months.

Kucinich is a pathetic shadow of his former self, a man whose will to fight has been beaten out of him by the Democratic leadership, unions and netroots fundraisers.

A parable of how what is good for Obama has supplanted what is good for the country in the minds of Democrats.

Video via Politico:

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This may be the saddest takedown by the Obamcrats yet.

After Hillary Clinton, of course.

He never had principles, you can't have them and be a radical leftist. The two cannot co-exist.

Kucinich made a pleading for his OH-10 district which included a loooong list of economic setbacks, with health care costs appended at the tail end. And then he went on to make a (rather weak) justification for Obamacare? Kucinich could have made a strong case for jobs, economic recovery, rebuilding the manufacturing insfrastructure, etc. In short, everything the Obama administration is NOT focused on.

I suspect the only underlying reason why Kucinich switched his vote to 'yes' was to avoid alliance with the Republican- and Dem Blue Dog- led opposition. (Strange bedfellows, indeed, for Mr. K.) I'm sure as the sad-sack look on his face that Mr. Kucinich realized that Obama has no hope, no change, no opportunity to offer Ohioans. Obama has no promises that anyone in OH-10 will believe, most of all Mr. Kucinich.

He sounds like one of those 1930s Soviet dissidents reading the "confession" that the KGB beat into them.

Of all the socialists pushing for a public option leading to single payer, I never thought he'd cave because he's been so adamant about his socialist beliefs.

I'm so cynical, my guess is that Obama persuaded him that once the price controls that are part of the reconciliation bill are in place, the private insurance industry will ultimately collapse into bankruptcy, and the government will pick up the pieces with the socialist uptopian single payer system he wants.

By instituting price controls, our govenment will ultimately bankrupt an industry that employs tens of thousands of people, doesn't muck up the environment or exploit the resources of the sacred Mother Earth that all the loons are so worried about, and is so competitive it's profit margins are a tiny sub 5%. The same government that has championed free enterprise and markets for 234 years will turn an industry that performs a valuable financial intermediary function into an enemy of the state.

I keep hoping this is a bad dream and that if I would just wake up, it will all go away.

Notice the list of whom he consulted with before deciding to switch his vote – Obama, Pelosi his wife & friends. What about his constituents? What does he get for switching his vote on a Bill he admits he hates? A seat on the Court of Appeals, or an Ambassadorship? What a country.

I don't know why anyone thought Kucinich ever had a moral bone in his body. He can talk a big game about the Republicans but has no ethics when it comes to the Democrats. If he had a backbone he would vote no and let the voters decide what they want to do wih him. But like all politicians its about staying in office not actually doing something. What anti-democratic bill do you think they are going to push on his beehalf now? Maybe some law to outlaw bullets in our soldiers' weapons. Spineless little nothing is all he was and all he will ever be.

A ride on Air Force one and flattery and as the President seems to understand, they are all whores, it is just a matter of finding their price.

This reminds me of the way Hugo Chavez browbeat the Venezuelan legislature into granting him dictatorial power. I am a conservative who always admired Kucinich because I thought he was man who acted on principle. This is no longer the case.

"Kucinich could have made a strong case for jobs, economic recovery, rebuilding the manufacturing insfrastructure, etc.
In short, everything the Obama administration is NOT focused on. "

Everything the Obama Administration is opposed to.

I have an idea Obama promised Kucinich something that only Kucinich would believe is remotely possible. He might have promised him support for that "Department of Peace" Kucinich used to promote in his previous presidential runs. Maybe it has something to do with a recent story I read about Obama wanting to outlaw fishing. It could be something even more absurd. He could have promised to put Kucinich in charge of peace negotiations with the Klingon Empire, for all we know.

One thing I sure hope it's not, is what suedoctor suggested, pertaining to giving him a seat on the Court of Appeals. That would be as bad as making him or John Edwards AG. The only thing worse that I can think of would be putting either one on the Supreme Court. Which, if Kucinich is qualified for the Court of Appeals-hmmmm. There is that story about Stephens possibly retiring soon.