A few days ago I wrote that Obama had declared legislative war in signalling that budget reconciliation would be the way to go to pass Obama’s health care plan. The doomed-to-fail health care summit was just a justification.

The signals today are even clearer. Democrats assert that they will do whatever it takes to pass sweeping health care legislation which will transform one-sixth of our economy into a tightly controlled government program, with private interests playing a role which will decrease over time.

Use whatever analogy you want — Trojan horse, foot-in-the door, etc. — the point for Obama is to get in place a legislative scheme which will then allow Obama to implement regulations which will achieve the vision of single-payer health care by squeezing out the private sector over the next three years.

Andy McCarthy makes that point today, which has been made before, that passing Obamacare is so important to Obama that Obama is willing to lose control of the House, and possibly (but unlikely given the math) the Senate, in the process.

Obama said it himself, he would rather be a one-term President who accomplishes what he wants, than a two-term President who does not.

And what Obama wants is to transform our economy into a West European-style economy where free enterprise is minutely regulated from the central government and extraordinarily high marginal tax rates are used to feed government redistribution of wealth in the form of social programs. The fact that West European economies have chronic double-digit unemployment rates as a result of these policies matters not.

Obama has signalled that he will do whatever it takes legislatively to get his foot in this door.

Republicans in Congress need to do whatever it takes legislatively to slam the door shut. Any and every legislative tactic must be used to stop the Democrats.

November is too far away to think that elections will matter.

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