The Creepshow which has become Palin Derangement Syndrome is so enthralling to watch.

The Black Bracelet crowd cannot figure out if Palin is Anatoly Karpov or some strange combination of Raymond Shaw and Barbi Benton.

Act I, Palin as Chess Grandmaster (h/t HotAir), via HuffPo blogger Joan Williams:

Palin is a brilliant strategist…. Sarah Palin is playing chess. I don’t know what game the Administration is playing, but they just walked right into her carefully laid trap. Palin, the strategist, is amazing to watch. Her brilliance is her ability to tap in to the class conflicts that drive American politics these days. Obama, whom I have supported since Iowa, just doesn’t get it.

Act II, Palin as Sexy Puppet, via former HuffPo blogger, now True/Slant blogger (the HuffPo crowd must not have been liberal enough for her), the oft-cited Allison Kilkenny (strike-through in original):

Palin entered the political world as a Serious Contender because the right rich men got erections in her presence deemed it appropriate. There’s nothing democratic about that. The American people never said she was the best woman for the job. Palin simply found the people with the right access (wealthy, white men,) and coasted her way into a position where she was almost one heart attack away from the presidency of the most powerful country on the planet.

Act III is coming to a psychiatrist’s couch near you, very soon.

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