Also known as Israel Apartheid Week, scheduled for March 1-14 (what don’t these malicious idiots understand about “week”?).

This is the time of the year when the internationalists, selectively outraged NGO “human rights” activists, Islamists, progressive journalists, leftist academics, self-hating Jews, and Palestinian terror apologists come together to delegitimize Israel.

The Ontario legislature has done the right thing in denouncing this hatefest. How about our President and Congress?

Some good follow up from these bloggers:

Now the good news, according to a Gallup poll released last week, support for Israel in the U.S. is at 63%, a near record high.

Fortunately, the American people recognize the oldest hate for what it is, regardless of how it is dressed up.

Update: How fitting that today is the first day of Purim.

And, for background on the separation barrier that anti-Israel activists call “the Apartheid Wall,” see my prior post, Mr. Netanyahu, Tear Down That Wall For Our Suicide Bombers

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