The health care fight is coming to a head. We’re in the 15th round, and the health care summit to be followed by budget reconciliation is Obama’s desperate attempt to land a one-two knockout punch because he is down on points.

Now is not the time to mince words.

The health care plan put forth by Obama, based on the prior Senate bill, is so destructive on so many levels that it must be opposed without regard to political fallout.

The Obama plan contains fiscal gimmicks and gamesmanship which will lead to crushing deficits and debt; sanctions government intrusion into our lives unlike anything we have seen before; will lead to the destruction of a private insurance system which, while not perfect, delivers coverage to the overwhelming majority of Americans in a satisfactory manner; will result in the demoralization of our most honored profession, reducing medical care to the lowest common denominator in the cause of a false sense of fairness; and reflects the ultimate hubris of ideological, power drunk people who have proven themselves unworthy of our trust and who express, time and again, their disdain for the people they claim to serve.

I have not forgotten Obama’s moment of honesty in San Francisco. In the grandiose, patronizing health care plan, Obama is to his own self being true. Obama thinks he knows better than the rest of us what is best for us, and he is incapable of appreciating why people cannot be convinced otherwise.

And the Democrats in Congress are even worse. Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer notably have expressed disgust and hurled insults at anyone who opposes them, as they grin and smirk their way forward. The latest spin is that Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson are “warming” to budget reconciliation to evade the Senate filibuster rule supposedly due to Republican obstruction. They really must think we are stupid.

Obama’s plan is neither a starting point nor an endpoint. It is a dead end of government expansion paid for with borrowed money and developed through a process in which Democrats have refused to consider alternatives to bigger government.

Now is not the time to hand Democrats the legislative rope with which to fiscally hang this nation. The Democrats’ scheme needs to be fought every step of the way until the Democrats drop their plan to usurp one-sixth of the economy.

Then and only then will there be a basis to accomplish the types of reforms on which there is widespread consensus. These consensus reforms could have been accomplished many months ago but for the overreaching of Democratic leaders who misread the meaning of the 2008 election and who are out of touch with the country in 2009-2010.

Putting window dressing on a destructive, twisted plan is a fool’s game in which we should not be a willing participant.

And then let the political chips fall where they may.

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