William Lynch, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Rhode Island for the past decade, has thrown his hat into the ring to run to replace Patrick Kennedy.

Please, please let Lynch get the Democratic nomination. Lynch is so deeply part of the problem, has opposed almost every effort to reform state finances, and is so deeply in the unions’ pockets that he would be a dream opponent for a Republican.

Lynch is so bitterly partisan, he makes Kennedy seem reasonable, as witnessed by comments like this (emphasis mine):

Soon after his appointment as party chairman, Lynch famously told an eighth-grade class that it was easy to tell the difference between Democrats and Republicans: “The Democrats are the good guys and the Republicans are the bad guys and that’s all you have to remember.”

But now that he is contemplating a new role, he said: “The partisan politics of Washington are no longer providing solutions for the taxpayers of Rhode Island. I share the sentiments of voters who are angry and upset with the divisive debate that has ground Washington to a halt.

“I want Rhode Island families to know I will not participate in the rhetoric that has left all of us discouraged and disillusioned these past few years,” stated Lynch. “I believe the vast majority of Rhode Islanders want the Republicans and Democrats who represent them to move to the center.

“It is time to stop the bitter debate driven by the extreme left and right. We need to come together and govern from the middle in a manner that makes sense for working families here in Rhode Island,” said Lynch.

I am begging the Democrats. Make Lynch your guy. I have to keep my streak alive.

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