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“Democrat Party” Hyper-Sensitivity Syndrome

“Democrat Party” Hyper-Sensitivity Syndrome

I was reading, and rather enjoying, Bob Cesca’s rant (Time for the Democrats to Get Loud and Fearless) at HuffPo. The post was about — get ready for this because you’ve probably never heard this before — how stupid Sarah Palin is and how mean the Republicans are, and the evil that they do.

One paragraph seemed a little out of place in the context of this highbrow analysis (emphasis mine):

John Boehner, meanwhile, held a press conference in which he discussed the President’s bipartisan outreach. And at one point Boehner used the epithet “Democrat majority.” Out loud and on television, Boehner used a pejorative term for the Democratic Party designed to emphasize the “rat” syllable. I’m actually shocked he didn’t accidentally refer to the president as “Osama.”

A little sensitive, are we? Democrat Party is a no-no?

I understand the source of the sensitivity. The most frequent current user of the term “Democrat” instead of “Democratic” as an adjective is Rush Limbaugh.

But there actually is a long history to the term, along with the deep hyper-sensitivity to its use.

In any event, complaints about the adjective “Democrat” ring a little hollow coming from someone who regularly uses the term “Teabagger.”

How about this: Republicans stop saying “Democrat Party” if the left-wing blogosphere and Democratic Party politicians like Chuck Schumer stop saying “Teabaggers.” And while you’re at it, drop Repugnicans as well.

And we’ll throw in, no extra charge, a promise not to refer to Obama as “Professor.”


Somehow, I don’t think your side would be interested. And that’s why being loud and fearless does not help you.

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They're really losing it Professor. Just to be clear, no offense intended by the title.

Is he serious? "Democrat" gets his pants in a bundle? Wow, Profe… whoops I almost called you "Professor" Jacobson! Sorry!

I am worried for the future of our Country when this garbage–his article, not yours Professor (there I go again!)–gets published.

People like Chris Matthews (who has no trouble calling conservatives “teabaggers”) get all twitchy and upset when people refer to the Democratic Party as the “Democrat Party.”

I’ll tell you why I call it the “Democrat Party” — because they don’t live up to their chosen “Democratic” name. Between the GOP and the Dems, only one party has instituted an two-tier system when they are nominating a candidate for President. There is no electoral college contradiction within the nomination process for Republicans; whoever gets the majority of delegates assigned each candidate by voters at the polls wins the privilege of running on the GOP ticket. Not so for Democrats: Once the people’s vote is finished, there is still the possibility that “superdelegates” — Dem elected officials and party insiders who have presumably already voted in their own states — could swing the delegate majority to a candidate who was NOT the choice of the rank-and-file Democrats. Y’know, the poor schlubs who only get to vote once.

This puts the lie to the idea that the Democrat Party is “the party of the people” — if the bosses of the party don’t like the direction in which its members are steering it, they have no problem saying “We don’t care who you want to nominate. We know better and will do what we please.” “Democratic”? My (insert party symbol here).

BTW, Bob Cesca: The last politician I heard accidentally refer to Obama as "Osama" was Ted Kennedy. Click to watch.

I like the term professor for obammymammy. It has a certain quality about it. It makes me laugh my *** off! A guy who couldn't pour p*** from a boot, a professor. What a laugh!

Pity that those Democrat apparatchiks and sycophants are upset about being a member of the Democrat Party. I will have to remember it in the future….

Here is my take on the left's screaming. There are certain buzzwords they use when you are beating them silly. I started a list at my blog.

For example,

1. Bi-partisanship. They can’t even spell it when they are on top. But when you have them, you hear it shouted at the of their lungs. Translated it means, “Give me a break, will ya’? And get you knee out of my nuts!”

The more they yell the worse they are getting smacked around. Keep it up.

Well it was always the Democrats, the Democrat Party. Only recently have they been pushing "Democratic".

So if they want to keep using "teabagger" then they can be called Democrat. If it upsets them then it is too bad… they get what they deserve. They have such thin skins…. yet they will say disgusting things about other people.

Also since the Obot was not a tenured "professor" then he has no right to be called "Professor" so if someone wants to use that in a way that gets the message across regarding his own pretensions, then so be it.

Sad thing is that the readers of HuffPo actually agree with this nuttiness. BTW when did the HuffPo become a respected news organization? Is it because they are left wing so the left wing MSM christened them? Doesn't sound like news reporting to me, it sounds like news preaching and news wishing.

I remember the media fussing about Bob Dole's use of 'Democrat" as an epithet during the 1996 campaign.

I really should get out more. (sigh)

In the spirit of Dems being over-sensitive, our Nebraska Democrat Senator Ben Nelson of Cornhusker Kickback fame, was part of a front page article in the Sunday Omaha World-Herald entitled "Kickback to the gut".

In the article, Nelson is said to have been elsewhere thereby not understanding what he had agreed to; that he was only looking out for what's best for Nebraska and in the end, he was just misunderstood. The reporter wrote that Nelson "has said the exemption was misunderstood by some out of ignorance".

In my blog, I called this elitist-speak by Nelson who means that those of us common folk out here on the frozen plains of Nebraska are just too gosh darn dumb and stupid to understand the nuances and sophistication of elites such as Ben Nelson as he legislates to improve the paltry lives of us ordinatry folk.

As someone once said, "Arrogance diminishes wisdom" and nowhere is that more on display each day than in Washington DC and with Ben Nelson.

How 'bout this:

Democrats are allowed to use the term "Teabagger" as long as we're allowed to use the term "Teabagee".


I have referred to the anti-Americans as Demo-rats since the Clinton days. They just have slipped more into that name ever since.

Demo-for the destruction of our Republic they crave.

Rat-for the animal they most closely act like.

feel free to use it at all times.

I remember Barry Goldwater explaining that we've always called them the Democrat Party, when this fuss was kicked up over a decade ago. But I've looked it up and their original charter does say Democratic Party. So in respect for their charter, and in honor of their cram down of the immensely unpopular Obamacare, I will henceforth refer to them as: "THE ANYTHING BUT DEMOCRATIC PARTY."