I was reading, and rather enjoying, Bob Cesca’s rant (Time for the Democrats to Get Loud and Fearless) at HuffPo. The post was about — get ready for this because you’ve probably never heard this before — how stupid Sarah Palin is and how mean the Republicans are, and the evil that they do.

One paragraph seemed a little out of place in the context of this highbrow analysis (emphasis mine):

John Boehner, meanwhile, held a press conference in which he discussed the President’s bipartisan outreach. And at one point Boehner used the epithet “Democrat majority.” Out loud and on television, Boehner used a pejorative term for the Democratic Party designed to emphasize the “rat” syllable. I’m actually shocked he didn’t accidentally refer to the president as “Osama.”

A little sensitive, are we? Democrat Party is a no-no?

I understand the source of the sensitivity. The most frequent current user of the term “Democrat” instead of “Democratic” as an adjective is Rush Limbaugh.

But there actually is a long history to the term, along with the deep hyper-sensitivity to its use.

In any event, complaints about the adjective “Democrat” ring a little hollow coming from someone who regularly uses the term “Teabagger.”

How about this: Republicans stop saying “Democrat Party” if the left-wing blogosphere and Democratic Party politicians like Chuck Schumer stop saying “Teabaggers.” And while you’re at it, drop Repugnicans as well.

And we’ll throw in, no extra charge, a promise not to refer to Obama as “Professor.”


Somehow, I don’t think your side would be interested. And that’s why being loud and fearless does not help you.

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