Look who is asking, Who Is Barack Obama?

Americans are still looking for the answer, and if they don’t get it soon — or if they don’t like the answer — the president’s current political problems will look like a walk in the park….

Mr. Obama is in danger of being perceived as someone whose rhetoric, however skillful, cannot always be trusted. He is creating a credibility gap for himself, and if it widens much more he won’t be able to close it.

I said something similar in the very first post at this blog, on October 12, 2008:

Obama may be everything good, or the promise Obama embodies may just be a figment of our own imagination.

Obama is the perfect vehicle for imagining hope, because he has almost no record. Obama is a blank canvas upon which we can paint our imagined hope.

And again on October 19, 2008:

Barack Obama also reminds me of many lawyers I have dealt with in my career. He’s the smooth talking lawyer on TV who will get you “the settlement you deserve.” … He is a paper lawyer who fools only his own clients.

You see, I was against Obamamania before it was cool to be against Obamamania. Lucky me.

For these missives I earned this e-mail:

My final comment is that I am becoming increasing amused these days by the lengths that some McCain supporters like yourself are going to in this last days of the campaign in producing shallow pieces like your own in order to cover up their own bigotry.

The good news about pieces like yours is that they motivate those of us who arrived at supporting Obama for the reasons he would make a great president to work harder for him, now that we know people like you are out there hoping to spread our infectious viruses. Thanks for identifying yourself.

Why anyone would want to put a piece like you wrote in the public domain is beyond me.

So if I am a supposed racist bigot for questioning “Who is Barack Obama?,” what does that make the person who penned the article linked at the top of this post?

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