In my prior post, “What’s Martha Afraid Of?”, I predicted that Martha Coakley’s duck and hide campaign strategy would begin to backfire, and would become the equivalent of the Ben & Jerry’s “What’s the doughboy afraid of?” campaign.

Sure enough, Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory has lashed out at Coakley’s strategy in a column just posted, Where’s Martha Coakley? :

If you’re a registered voter in Massachusetts, your friendly Democratic Senate candidate, Martha Coakley, is sticking her thumb in your eye.

Coakley, in exquisitely diva-like form, is refusing all invitations to debate her Republican opponent in the race, Scott Brown, unless a third-party candidate with no apparent credentials is included on the stage. She may also require a crystal bowl of orange-only M&Ms; in her dressing room, but we haven’t gotten that far yet. Her demands have led to an astonishing result: there will be just one — that’s one — live televised debate in the Boston media market this general election season….

This is all part of a Coakley pattern. When she ran for attorney general, she didn’t allow even the Republican candidate on a debate stage. In fact, she refused to debate at all….

In Washington, senators don’t get to dodge their opponents. Right now, dodging looks like the Coakley way.

McGrory also notes that Coakley is missing in action on the campaign trail, with no public events scheduled today. This also seems to be a pattern. Tomorrow Coakley will be attending a fundraiser; not for herself, but for Newton, MA state representative Ruth Balser.

Coakley either has internal polls showing she is 30 points ahead, or she figures the “D” next to her name at the voting booth will be enough. We’ll see soon enough.

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