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What Should I Do After The Election?

What Should I Do After The Election?

Not by choice, but by circumstance and the weight of history, this blog has become a “theme blog” in the past few weeks.

The present theme will end Tuesday night, with some necessary clean up depending upon the results.

What’s next?

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I think you'll have a lot still to do in the Brown aftermath (if he, like I suspect, wins). 😉

There are other key elections coming up in 2010. That might be a good focus.


Start pumping Lt. Col. Allen West!

Discuss the scandalously awful NFL post-season.

__t_i_m_o_t_h_y__ | January 17, 2010 at 8:04 pm

If Brown loses, do what Bork did after Clinton's first win and post your martini preference–then drink some.

If Brown wins–first, drink a lot of your martini preferences and post while drinking!

Then–Net Neutrality, Sunstein, Nullification….


Support Sam Meas running against Nikki Tsongas in the Mass 5th Congressional District

I hope you'll be preparing to campaign in your race against Patrick Kennedy.

If Barack Obama can come outta nowhere to become President, and Scott Brown can come outta nowhere to become a U.S. Senator (hopefully), then William Jacobson can come outta nowhere to become a member of the House.

i think you should announce that you are going to Disneyland….. %-)

Instruct the other 49 states how to replicate a Brown campaign to flip Boxer, Reid, Pelosi, et al. Brown ran a very smart campaign, and I wonder why the RNC is relevant anymore. Put social media to work uniting like-minded people everywhere to take back our country, one seat at a time. Tell us which candidates to back and I'm ready to dial and send dollars.

Just keep blogging, William. California has some hot races this year, and you'll be able to add your voice from way over on the "right coast." Tom Campbell, for example, is shoe-horning into the Boxer Senate race (having dropped out of the governor's race), and that's after Chuck DeVore's been the tea party fave. I hope it doesn't get too ugly!

Yes, David Marcoe is correct – the 2010 elections! You are the internet's Limbaugh / Hannity / Beck. I don't mean that in terms of right-of-center politics, necessarily, but rather in terms of being a clearing-house for good, solid political information and multiple ideas for citizen action. You have been a terrific rallying point for us. Thank you!

1. Focus on the upcoming special election in Hawaii, as a strong Republican candidate could win.

2. There is still legislation in both Houses, continue your anti-Democratic blogging.

3. Continue to link Jumping in Pools.

Occasional commentary on the good work the folks at FIRE do would always be welcome. They would be a good addition to your blogroll.

You do a wonderful job of clarifying the legal/political issues on these races. Please keep writing. In addition, I have to believe that the Democrats are going to provide massive legal material in the aftermath of this and future elections as they see their “Cloward-Piven Dreams” go up in smoke. They are teeing it up for you…please crush it!

Adding a postscript to Donald Douglas' ideas about California…Mark Reed (part Mohawk and Apache descent) is the 2010 Republican candidate challenging incumbent Congressman Brad Sherman in the 27th Congressional District of California.

Not much to add to all the good suggestions above as to a theme, but do have a thought about a post or two. Obama, having uncapped government surety of Fannie and Freddie, is now is about to reinject race-based social engineering into the front and center of our financial system. Obama and the left don't seem to learn much from history. At any rate, according to the NYT, he is "beginning a major campaign against banks and mortgage brokers suspected of discriminating against minority applicants in lending, opening a new front in the Obama administration’s response to the foreclosure crisis." In other words, he is going to put the CRA on steroids. The basis for this is disparate impact theory – i.e., statistical evidence of insufficient loans to minorities is enough to establish guilt, irrespective of whether banks can show in each individual case that they applied colorblind credit standards and did not discriminate. In light of Ricci, where disparite impact was severely constricted, I wonder whether that would survive a Constitutional challenge. Just a thought if you would like to run with it.

Slippers! All slippers all the time.

Um, okay, maybe not. But whether Brown wins or loses, there's still plenty amiss in our country, and this is the year to fix a bit of it. Mid-term elections, of course, with some sprinkles of the latest BO assault on our Constitution and individual liberties. Theme: saving our republic, one prog at a time.

I would say that you need to keep the excitement and focus on each and every candidate that will push through 2010 – dozens, if not more, of Scott Browns.


I am a daily reader of your blog and enjoy your thoughts, but I have especially loved your blog during this Brown-Coakley race. You have been a serious driving force in helping to make good things, once thought to be impossible, actually become possible in this Mass race. You motivated my family, both my immediate family and my extended family, to donate to the Brown campaign.

I am so glad you asked this question because I have been praying that you would turn your focus to a Republican primary race that is right around the corner…. the Kirk-Hughes race in Illinois, once the Brown election is complete. This is another important race… especially to the future of the Republican party. This is a chance to throw out an establishment GOP hack and replace him with a good, decent, honorable, solid conservative.

Mark Kirk is a HUGE Republican fraud and he needs to go. Period. Hughes, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air that the Republican party so greatly needs.

It's one thing to elect Republicans over Democrats, but all is for naught, and nothing will change in Washington DC, if we don't get rid of the fraudulent socialist-wannabes that are currently infecting the Republican party. Kirk is one of these people that needs to go and this is the chance to not only get rid of him, but to replace him with an actual conservative who wants to serve the People and honor the Constitution.

The primary is February 2. You would be a HUGE help in cleaning up this currently unacceptable GOP. Please, help to send a message to the establishment GOP that they can, and will, be thrown out of office just like the Democrats…. We, the People, are tired of ALL of the corrupt, elitist, power-hungry Constitution-violators in DC that are destroying our economy and our Country… regardless of party affiliation. If someone fraudulently claims to be a conservative Republican, yet votes like a socialist and acts in violation of the Constitution, then that person needs to go! Kirk needs to go!

Here is a link to another blog that has mentioned this primary race. It's one link I could find to help you read more about this primary, in case you weren't already aware of it.

I apologize for repeating myself, but please consider being a big voice in this extremely important Illinois primary race. You did a spectacular job for Scott Brown and motivated so many frustrated Americans to do whatever they could do to help him. Won't you do the same for Hughes? We, conservatives, really do need your voice to help rid the Republican party of the frauds.

Thank you.

The MSM could use a good going over and I don't think we're finished yet with SEIU, ACORN and public employee union shenanigans. As someone said recently, dirty tricks didn't die with Ted Kennedy, so I foresee a host of interesting strategies to unfold.

In terms of future campaigns, I'm looking forward to the day that we can start calling Senator Barbara Boxer, Ma'am again.

In the interim, I think you should be taking a bit of a rest. The last few weeks have been very intense and I'm sure its taken its toll. You've done a marvelous job. Many thanks.

On to Illinois! They come up next.

By the way, thanks so much for everything you did – you were WAY OUT FRONT for all of us on this special election in Massachusettes. We all appreciate what you've achieved, no matter what happens tomorrow. Thank you.

Mr. Jacobson, I know that Rush Limbaugh has been misquoted in the past but I would love to hear your perspective on his recent comments, with regards to the Disaster in Haiti.

Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, Chuck DeVore, Pat Toomey, etc., etc…

Rubio and DeVore for sure, they're both on my list because of all they've done for Scott Brown!

What is needed now is for "we the people" to run for congress ourselves. There is absolutely no future for freedom with either of the two corrupt majors.

The thing to do is organize a campaign committee with family & friends NOW! Then get out and secure interviews with your local media. Finally, get out and meet your fellow citizens and present a message of common sense and you can win. The key to this is to START NOW! That is how you will blunt the money advantage of the elites. In addition, if you need some help, try the folks over at GOOOH.COM (Get Out Of Our House), they will help you.

We all need to understand that Constitutional self government means we take responsibility for it. You knew that, right? Or do we believe that the elites are to be trusted once again?

If we do not act, then we should at least have the guts to sit down with our kids and explain how the corrupt, elite run, major parties have stolen our inheritance, but we simply couldn't be bothered to do anything. The kids will just have to accept a future without jobs and freedom, and being in debt to China forever. After all, it isn't your job to reclaim our stolen inheritance is it? Is it? No, it's the other guy's job. Of course.

Thanks all, Joe

Government takeover of student loans.