Numerous regions around the world are experiences record cold temperatures. While reporting the fact of record cold, the mainstream media is largely silent in attempting to draw any conclusions as to “climate change.”

To the extent the mainstream media does draw conclusions, it is the heads we win, tails you lose type. The record cold is used to draw an opposite conclusion, that the cold is the result of manmade global warming.

The Guardian article about the plight of mountain dwellers in Peru is one such example, putting forth the “microclimate” argument that just because people are on the verge of freezing to death somehow the cold is limited to the particular region. And of course, it is related somehow to manmade global warming.

What if this had been the warmest winter in memory? What then?

The global warming industry and the mainstream media would be howling about how the warm temperatures proved that there is manmade global warming.

If it’s cold it’s hot. If it’s hot it’s hot. If it’s nonsense, it’s nonsense.

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