The HillBuzz guys warned that the trolls would come out in full force if it looked like Scott Brown was getting close in the polls:

We are writing to you as moderate Democrats who fought for Hillary Clinton all through 2007-2008, then became Democrats for McCain/Palin and remain supporters of former Governor Palin now. This means that for almost three years now, we have been on the receiving end of everything the Left has dreamed up to throw at us.

Dr. Utopia, our current president, and his supporters are truly the most vile and malicious people we’ve ever been up against. In the primaries, in particular, their viciousness, hatred, and stop-at-nothing/ends-justify-means attitude was sobering. We learned many lessons in the trenches we won’t soon forget — and need to pass on to you now.

For the next ten days, the most effective thing the Left will do is to demoralize Scott Brown’s supporters to convince them to sit their butts home on election day. It is a time-proven and successful tactic of the Left. Frankly, it’s the best tool
in their arsenal. We call this Eeyore-breeding and concern-trolling.

The HillBuzz guys were right. This is what a concern troll looks like, from someone tried to post this comment yesterday at my post Coakley Admits She Is In Deep Trouble:

I went to Scott Brown’s web site wishing to donate merely because Kennedy had been so bad for the country. Unfortunately, I need more reason than that because republicans have been bad for the country too. Most republicans are very wishy washy about supporting economically conservative positions, and some are downright Marxists (like Nixon with his wage and price controls).

It makes no sense to support this guy if he is just another Bush I or II, or McCain. So I looked on his web site for his position on this mess. I found nothing but the typical claim to be for free markets, and he seemed to be very much on the fence over non-market “solutions” to medical care.

What I wanted to see was a clear condemnation of the bailouts, the Fed, Fannie and Freddy, the purchase of GM, Greenspan, Geithner, Paulson, etc.

That would have enabled me to justify turning over some cash.

Anyone have information on his positions on these things. I’ll throw him $100 if someone can point to some ballsy opposition to the economic insanity of Clinton/Bush/Obama.

How do I know that this is trolling? Well first the format of “I really wanted to support Brown, but….” Second, this same person posted a comment critical of Republicans in response to a different post.

I let the critical comment through, but not the concern troll comment. I don’t mind opposition and criticism, but I do mind trolls.

The Democrats are throwing millions of dollars at this race in the final days for negative TV ads:

“It’s a goal-line stand for the Democrats,’’ said Ray La Raja, professor of political science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. “The stakes are so high now, with this being the 60th seat the Democrats need. . . . They’re scared out of their minds.”

The trolls will be out in full force in the blogosphere. Do not let it slow you down.

Update: Speaking of trolls, Blue Mass Group has released a Research 2000 poll showing Coakley up ty 8% among likely voters. The details, however, reveal that they polled roughly equal numbers of Democrats and Independents, even though Independents far outnumber Democrats. Since Brown wins among Independents in the poll (and by even larger margins in the Rasmussen and PPP polls), the results are much closer. Added: An Coakley campaign internal poll has her up only by two points.

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