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So Now Iran Is Giving Us Deadlines

So Now Iran Is Giving Us Deadlines

My, how the tables have turned.

It used to be that the Obama administration gave Iran deadlines on reaching agreement on nuclear fuel reprocessing. The most recent deadline was December 31.

None of those deadlines meant anything, as the Iranians figured out long ago.

That’s the problem with deadlines, which Obama hasn’t learned. Deadlines only mean something if the failure to meet the deadline has consequences.

Now the Iranians have given us a deadline to reach agreement on their terms, or they will simply ramp up their own nuclear fuel production:

Iran warned on Saturday the West has until the end of the month to accept Teheran’s counterproposal to a UN-drafted plan on a nuclear exchange, or the country will start producing nuclear fuel on its own.

Somehow, I think the Iranians will put more weight behind their deadline to us, than we have put behind our deadlines to them.

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Agreed, the administration is getting played like a fiddle. The Nork maneuver bears watching as well. Knowing how badly the Obama crew craves "achievements", they are open to be bought. Ready to accept a bribe, knowing full well they can dictate terms and then renege once they've been paid. It would be funny to watch if the stakes were not so high.

This is what happens when we have a president who goes out of his way to talk and behave in a weak and meek manner.

But beyond Obozo, our country has become weak, through long term "mismanagement" in Wash DC. We have power-drunk life-long, "professional" politicians whose every solution to every problem is to create a huge, top-down, centrally planned federal bueracracy.

Government needs to scale back considerably….or Americans will lose their individual liberty and our nation will not be able to compete economically with the rest of the world.

Iran, and the rest of the world, think this guy is the best thing to hit murderous, totalitarian regimes since Carter. And they're all right.