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NY Times New Business Strategy: NObama

NY Times New Business Strategy: NObama

I’m actually enjoying reading NY Times columnists these days. The wonders never cease, this time from MoDo:

The New One is the shimmering vessel that we are pouring all our hopes and dreams into after the grave disappointment of the Last One, Barack Obama.

The only question left is: Why isn’t Scott Brown delivering the State of the Union? He’s the Epic One we want to hear from. All that inexperience can really be put to good use here.

Obama’s Oneness has been one-upped….Why settle for a 48-year-old, 6-foot-1, organic arugula when we can have a 50-year-old, 6-foot-2, double waffle with bacon?

Good stuff. Not quite as good as when Gail Collins was lying under the bed on her side in the fetal position on the night of the Epic One’s victory, but satisfying nonetheless.

Add to it Bob Herbert questioning “who is Barack Obama?” and Paul Krugman admitting Obama was not The One we were waiting for, and the NY Times might be onto a winning strategy.

After all, everything else has failed, and it worked for Fox News.

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Encouraging! Now, if they will just stop printing our defense secrets so that our enemies know our strategies…..and that goes for the WaPo, too!

From dowdy Maureen's book, "How I never Learn, Big Galoots Mean Fire Down Below."

I see this as a sea change in O's relations with his until now most ardent supporters. Already O is supposed to be whining that the press is "against" him, as delusional as that sounds. If he is as thin skinned as he seems, it should be an interesting next year or two. He better toughen up, Republican style, or he is going to be one miserable messiah.

Interesting how Dowd remains elitist even to the bitter end in her allegory. The Big O cannot be mere arugula. No, he must be "organic," presumably because that is even more heart friendly, in contrast to lip smackin', artery thwackin' bacon. That's why the NYT is best used as liner in the bird cage, or, as cover for Collins' dust bunnies.

"…Obama’s Oneness has been one-upped. Why settle for a faux populist when we can have a real one? …"

Maureen Dowd wrote that?! Remarkable!

What Krugman says is true. B.O. reminds me alot of this substitute teacher I had in high school. Not the one we've been waiting for.

Did you catch the Joe Wilson moment by Justice Alito?