Democrats of Massachusetts, listen up. The special election is all but over. Martha Coakley has won.

No need to show up to vote, since DownWithTyranny has pronounced that all polls showing the race tightening are worthless:

Many of the pollsters and pundits predicting a Republican win in Massachusetts special election to replace Ted Kennedy have proven themselves absolutely worthless– unless you use them as contrary indicators. Conservative operations like Rasmussen, GOP pollsters masquerading as non-partisan, and clueless old Charlie Cook are among of the most reliable contrary indicators in the profitable Inside the Beltway scam they’re always working. One laughable poll– by always-wrong-about-everything PPP— even showed Scott Brown ahead of Coakley 48-47%.

Nothing to see on January 19, just move along.

Go to work, and do not leave your desk, not even for lunch. Go straight home, eat a hearty dinner and drink plenty of wine, take a hot shower, then tuck yourself in for the night.

And do not read any of the other posts on this blog. All is well. Trust me on this one.

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