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Lying P.O.S.

Lying P.O.S.

There. I said it and I put it on the internet. Now get out and vote on Tuesday, for Scott Brown.


h/t Randy Haddock

Update: Olbermann should be mocked for the pathetic clown he has become, a joke of a person dragging down his network:

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Did he really say that???? OMG!!!!!

These liberals are out of their minds.

This is a vile and nasty rat but that would insult rats!

a masterpiece … a classic example of a Soviet Union propoganda style. Who in the world is still watching him?

Why can't this vile POS be sued for defamtion? Why is he allowed to go on the air and spew this hatred?

I'm glad you said it. And I think you should say it again. This is beyond the pale. What is wrong with liberals? Seriously, they seem to be filled with bile and hate and nastiness. Ick.

I'm off to bed so I can wake up bright and early and cast my vote for the wonderful, honorable, Hottie McAwesome! 😉

Heads up, Keith, your stupid is showing.

…"P.O.S." is being gentle.


Wow. Sounds like the Dems are scared "out of their bare bottoms"!

Clearly the people of Massachusetts need the government to think for them, or maybe we need to just expel them as a state.

Velcro, I think the people of Massachusetts will make us all proud!

As Sisu has so eloquently put it,

"And may the best man win!"

How does this man sleep at night?

IMHO, Keithie is just jealous of Scott..that he got a centerfold in Cosmo when Keith has been trying so hard to be a sex symbol.

Heads up:


Disgusting… Phony Pro-Lifers Are Making Anti-Scott Brown Calls in Massachusetts

This is a horrid new low for the left. They not only promote the murder of unborn children but lie about who they are and lie about the pro-life candidate Scott Brown.
Pro-lifers are receiving phone calls from a phony group pretending to Mass Citizens for Life.
The Mass Citizens for Life Blog reported:

The most disgraceful thing is happening!

Pro-lifers are receiving phone calls from people claiming to be Mass Citizens. The callers say that Mass Citizens is not supporting Scott Brown because of his position on health care!
The truth is that Mass Citizens is suporting Brown because of his position on health care!

These deceitful calls are coming from 202-461-3441, a Washington, DC number. The phone company says this is a company called SOOH. Pro-lifers are not the only victims of this scam. Our MCFL sleuths have found that this same number is calling people across the state claiming to be different groups with different messages – all anti-Brown!

Please, please send this email to your entire list and ask those people to do the same! This deceit must go viral!

We cannot let this election be stolen!

Keep up your great work!

Anne Fox

P S If you get the call on your answering machine, please save it. These people should be made accountable for using our name!

This Alinskyite toady would call Mother Theresa a "hoochie mama" if it got Dear Leader a half-dozen votes- appalling.

I love how they paint their opponents as "not discussing the issues" right before they launch into the character assasination- John Kerry did the same thing yesterday. At least they're disciplined- if you don't mind glaring hypocrisy.

Of course hacks like Olberman had their wagons not just hooked, but welded to the Hopenchange pony… now lame. And lots of people get nasty and lash-out when it becomes clear they've blown a reckless all-or-nothing bet…

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

does Princess K realize that Scott Brown is an attorney?

/methinks not….. this could be fun. %-)

The War Planner | January 19, 2010 at 4:31 am

Man, is Overbite a bitter, poison-filled wretched human being. You have to work really hard to be that pathetic.

I'm thinking that after all of the liberal trash is swept from our gummint and [P]MSNBC craters for the final time, he will be handed his walking papers and end up bumming quarters, living over a steam grate, and drinki g sneaky pete from a brown bag.

I'm sure all 7 of Olbermann's viewers got a good snicker out of that.

The sad thing is that K.O. actually belives he is helping Martha Coakley with his race and homophobia baiting lies.

If I were Martha (or any other pol) I'd ask that this man steer clear of "defending" me.

Olbermann is a curse. Period.

I hope the Brown campaign DOES NOT TAKE THIS LYING DOWN.

I say this as someone who really disliked Bush. Now I that I realise how much I was lied to about Bush, I feel stations like MSNBS lied to me UNCHALLENGED!
Bush made the HUGE mistake of not calling out such disgusting work, this is not some little outlet…THEY ARE OWNED BY GE!!

And b/c Bush did not go after this crap, people like me believed what was said about him on disgusting channels like MSNBS.
(an no, after realising in 2008 just how much MSM lies, I no longer watch any *hit on MSM, BUT IT HAS TO BE FOUGHT BACK… !!)


Does anyone still have that curling iron handy? Olbermann, err bathtub boy, is a scumbag leftist propagandist. I could only hope he could be sued for his comments…

Yeah this POS is also a dirtbag who froths at the mouth like a rabid dog. His insane pukings are just par for the course for MSNBC which would probably have covered Stalin rallies the same way they covered Obama rallies, with love and affection for the evil and vitriol spewed toward the good.

What a fool. He thinks it is controversial that Brown says two women having a child is not normal?

Anyone who uses the silly pejoratives "homophobic" or "tea-bagger" should be ignored, as they aren't capable of reasoned discourse.

He ignores the atrocious legal injustices that Coakley was involved in.

I voted around 8:45 in the Boston area. The polling place was very busy, lots of people. I've noticed lots of Brown signs in the area, not many Coakley signs.

Olberman is a douche bag.

Speaking of sending absolute jokes to the US Senate, what was Olberman's view of candidate Al Franken?

(Go to my blog for face value tickets to sporting events around the country … Yankees included.)

Thanks for the link, Professor!

While calling Olberman all kind of crazy names, did anyone dispute what actually was said by KO? If it was incorrect, then how? Seems it can be easily contradicted if he spoke incorrectly.

I am not for name calling by such these posts are a little silly. I wonder if some of these people showed these postings to their family members, clergy, etc.. other responsible mature folks, I wonder what the reaction will be. Most of these posting are immature and lacking clarity, with oddball and ignorant references, linking Saul Alinsky to Mother Theresa, (without having read nothing these two folks have written, and if you have actually read Saul Alinsky, instead of the blogs cliff notes of man, you would realize he was a great man, who has been so quoted out of context he would not recognized the statements attributed to him).

Finally, I don't get those who are critical of Pres. Obama, who gives him no kind of credit. Here is a man, a family man, with great values, who's kids adore him, who is married, went to an Ivy League college, lived in an exclusive Chicago neighborhood…. and he is a Marxist? I have asked folks who have actually read Marx this? is there any policy of Pres. Obama that reminds you of Marx? No one can come up with any policy that closely resembles Marx.

What a waste of skin….

Yeah Buck is Wright. We should let Olbermann call people names without evidence to back up his ridiculous accusations. Don’t question him when he drags the level of discourse into the sewer.

Remember boys and girls, Chairman Mao was a good capitalist. He was too great of a man to let those naughty wingnuts twist his words.

Don’t be a hater unless you hate the Wright people (rightwingers of course).

I've said it before.

Olbermann hates himself and has a death wish.

He's desperately hoping someone will kill him so he can mean something.

Frankly, he doesn't matter enough for that. I mean, besides nutjobs, and pundits and bloggers who HAVE to, who the hell watches him?