I posted earlier today about negative push polling in Massachusetts against Scott Brown, including questions purporting to link Brown to “hate groups.”

The group making the calls possibly (and I stress possibly) was McGuire Research (see my prior post for details) which still has not returned my call asking them to confirm or deny that they are polling in Massachusetts. I spoke to one of their senior employees, so they know that I am seeking their response, and I will update this and other posts if they provide the information.

Dan Riehl posted today about a connection between McGuire and Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson in New Mexico.

Now I have turned up a recent connection between McGuire and SEIU.

Embedded below is a letter written by the United Health Workers to Andy Stern, head of SEIU complaining about aggressive push polling of UHW workers by …. McGuire Research (bold in original):

We have confirmation that SEIU has contracted with McGuire Research Services to conduct a telephone survey of UHW members. This survey was not authorized by our local union nor did we have any knowledge of the survey until notified by our members. We are writing to protest this survey and ask that you immediately stop the survey from continuing.

United Health Workers Letter to SEIU Re McGuireEx.65

This led to UHW employees filing a complaint against Stern alleging (see par. 10 on page 6):

On or about March 28, 2008, SEIU began conducting an “opinion poll” of UHW members, using McGuire Research Services, a polling firm based in Denver, CO. The poll was designed to assess UHW members’ support for its elected leaders and to test a series of false attacks against these leaders in order to identify segments of UHW’s membership that could be organized to oppose UHW’s elected leaders.

United Health Workers Disciplinary Charges Against Stern Re McGuire

Is McGuire working for SEIU to push poll Massachusetts? I await a call back from them. I will print their response.

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