Did you hear, Scott (we now all know who he is, no need for last names anymore) “refuses to rule out” running for President in 2012? And he’s just been elected to the Senate, OMG, get headline ready:

Brown: ‘Humbled’ by White House Talk, But Doesn’t Rule Out 2012 Run

How could I have missed this big news. I watched the interview.

I missed it, because Scott never said that he “refused to rule out” running. Here’s the transcript:

WALTERS: Yes. You know when I was with you just a little while ago with the crowd, one of the women said — behind me — said, “President 2012.” And you said to me — or under your breath, “That’s silly.” But do you rule it out?

BROWN: I — I have to — I have to tell you, I don’t even have a business card. I haven’t even been sworn in. I don’t have any exploratory committees started. I don’t have any — anything — it’s — it’s overwhelming, and it’s extremely humbling. I don’t know how — what else to tell you.

Failing to answer directly a question, or answering it in the only sensible way someone in his position would answer it, now becomes “refusing to rule out” a run for the presidency in two years. Slow news weekend, I guess.

Must be because Walters’ bombshell gotcha moment with which she opened the interview (that Scott was arrested for shoplifting when he was 12 years old) was too embarrassing (to Walters for asking) even for Walters to hype.

From what I hear, Scott also failed to brush his teeth one night before bed when he was 7, and in junior high school crossed in between, not at the green.

Such is the state of the mainstream media.

(In case you were wondering, I too refuse to answer the question as to whether I rule out running for President in 2012.)

Update: Not to be outdone, Matt Taibbi is excited that Barbara uncovered some startling facts about Scott: “Very funny bit in the news today — Scott Brown giving some interviews, turns out he’s pro-choice and that his mother was actually on welfare once.” Yeah, that’s breaking news, if you didn’t pay any attention to the election, in which Scott said during the widely televised debate that he was pro-choice and his mother was on welfare once.

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