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Depends On The Meaning Of “Really Good”


He should quit nine months ago, while he's still ahead.

Nothing but spin. Obama does not want to be a "good, one term, president." If he did, he would have accomplished something by now.

This whole "one term wonder" thing is his way of equivocating his failure to lead. Nothing more.

Does the man think we were born yesterday?

I think it's a Jimmy Carter reference…things got "really good" after we dumped him for Reagan

At least he is on board with the one-term presidency. And then Bob McDonnell can get started with fixing Obama's mess.

Is there really such a thing as a "good, one-term president?" Wouldn't a president who is "really good" always be elected to a second term?

Obama will be neither a "really good, one-term" nor a "mediocre, two-term" president.

Yes. We would rather he be a one term President, as well!