The Democrats’ plan to force through an unpopular health care restructuring bill is not dead. Various procedural maneuvers are under consideration to get the bill through, in one form or another, in a manner which does not require another Senate cloture vote now that the Democrats do not have 60 votes:

The Senate Budget Committee Chairman said Wednesday he’s willing to use special rules to force changes to the healthcare legislation through the Senate with a simple majority vote.Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) made clear his openness to applying budget reconciliation to healthcare, a position he opposed prior to this week’s special election in Massachusetts, is contingent on the content of the bill.

Obama and the Democrats in Congress hear quite well, even if they don’t pick up the tones.

The problem is that the Democrats are not listening. The Democratic leadership is so out of touch with this country in 2010 that if by hook or crook Democrats pass their healthcare restructuring plans, they deserve everything they get in November, and then some.

Democrats heard what happened in Massachusetts, but they have a listening problem.

(h/t HillBuzz)

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