The election of Scott Brown to the Senate left for dead the abomination known as the Senate health care bill.

But it may not have been enough to get the message through to the Democrats who just seem to be begging to be thrown out of office in November. Like a vampire rising with the setting sun, the Democratic health care bill may not have been dead for eternity.

From Politico:

Struggling to salvage health reform, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House speaker Nancy Pelosi have begun considering a list of changes to the Senate bill in hopes of making it acceptable to liberal House members, according to sources familiar with the situation.

The changes could be included in separate legislation that, if passed, would pave the way for House approval of the Senate bill – a move that would preserve President Barack Obama’s vision of a sweeping health reform plan.

But the move comes with political risk, because it would open Democrats up to charges that they pressed ahead with roughly the same health care bill that voters appeared to reject in the Massachusetts Senate race Tuesday. Republican Scott Brown won on a pledge to try to block Obama-style health reform.

Which just goes to show that the only way to make sure this monstrosity never rises again is to drive an electoral stake through its heart:

Vote the Democrats out of office in November, regardless of what happens to the bill in the coming weeks.

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