Martha Coakley attended a lobbyist fundraiser in Washington, D.C. last night, at which she received bundled donations from dozens of health care lobbyists and Washington insiders.

Coakley, when questioned about the fundraiser, said that it originally was planned as a unity event:

“We planned an event after the primary that would be a unity event in Washington.”

But in fact the event was organized by 4C Partners, a professional fundraising and campaign consulting organization. One of Coakley’s own fundraisers, Julia Hoffman, joined 4C Partners in mid-December 2009. Hoffman is the contact person on the fundraiser announcement.

4C Partners is the same outfit Coakley hired with state campaign funds in 2008-2009 to help lay the foundation for her federal campaign, leading to charges that Coakley violated federal election laws prohibiting the use of state funds for federal elections. Coakley specifically traveled to Washington, D.C. in August 2009, before she announced her candidacy, where she met with 4C Partners accompanied by Hoffman.

There is nothing to suggest that this event ever was anything other than a fundraiser. So why did Coakley say that it was planned as a “unity event” when the people in attendance were lobbyists and the event was organized by professional fundraisers?

Here is one of Coakley’s lobbyist supporters at the event last night telling the reporter that “without lobbyists this town wouldn’t work.”


Update: Here is a video with Coakley’s statement about the event originally being planned as a unity event:

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